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Customers Review for VANQLED

Dear Partner,   We feel grateful that we grow together in the led grow lighting and high power leds segment since 2009. We have made many friends in this industry and we will always be thankful to those who have supported our company.   Below is the happ...

Retail and indoor projects

VANQ Specializing in Integrated Lighting Solution for Hydroponics, cash crops, urban farming and small scale production, Tissue Culture Etc.,

Welcome to send us your inquiry about your project!

Open Field Greenhouse

Specializing in indoor plant growth.

VANQ Grow Tube Tube in Tissue Culture

Grow Tube(Root Growth Seedling Tissue Culture Vegetative Flowering) Suitable Light Recipes More Uniform Sized Plants, Increasing Production Efficiency More Robust, Increased Growing Rate Than Normal Fluorescent Tube Space-Saving by 30%, Energy-Saving by 40%

VANQ Grow Bar in Greenhouse Top Lighting

All Year Circle Grow Low Energy Consumption Suitable Sunlight Replacement Varieties of Spectrum for Wide Vegetables Fruit Need

VANQ Grow Bar in Tomatoes Greenhouse

Greenhouse Grow Bar Light Tomatoes Grade Level to Grade A 25% more harvest, 20 days in advance 30% Electricity-Saving, which indicates cost-effective investment

About us

1. Led Grow Light Manufacturer&Exporter Since 2009

2. Factory Production Upgraded 2016, SGS verified and TUV Passed in 2017

3. Led Grow Light Manufacturing, Research, Marketing

4. Professional Engineer on Indoor Plant Growth and Open Field Greenhouse Crops Growing

5. Integrated Indoor Lighting Solution Advice

6. OEM/ODM Service

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