Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co. Ltd involved in the LED industry since 2009. Adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, leading the future" concept; is committed to R & D, LED plant growth lamp and high power LED lamp products production and sales, to provide energy saving, environmental protection, high quality LED products for the majority of users around the world.
      With rich technology and talent advantages, seize the opportunities for development of LED industry, after 3 years of steady development, now has a set of advanced 1-500 Watt High Power LED packaging production line, complete sets of LED product quality control and inspection system, equipped with high-power lamp to produce 2500 kW production capacity.
      Our company has system of LED grow light R & D and production team,established a perfect quality control system; ability to independent research and development, production LED plant growth lamp products; independent production of core components to ensure the stability of product quality and technological innovation ability of our company; for single plant varieties, can provide the specific solution, formed a relatively complete plant growth lamp series products, fully meet the needs of different customers, different planting plant growth environment.
      Due to the technology of refine on, unanimously approved the company product to obtain the detection mechanism and a global market; product lamp series LED plant the company has passed ROHS, CE, UL quality and safety system certification. Shenzhen VANQ Technology will continue to follow up on the application of LED technology, we reduce the product cost, rapid response to customer requirements; to the building of a social responsibility, high-tech enterprises concerned employee.

      • led grow light -O_Shape_LED_grow_tube_series
      • led grow light -120W_300W_COB_Led_Grow_Light_
      • led grow light -D_Shape_LED_grow_tube_series
      • led grow light -150W_Full_Spectrum_COB_Led_Grow_Light
      • led grow light -LED_interlighting_grow_light
      • led grow light -30W_Waterproof_LED_Grow_Tube_Strip_Light
      • led grow light -10W_High_Power_Grow_Led_Chip
      • led grow light -100W_High_Power_Grow_Led_Chip
      • led grow light -300W_High_Power_Grow_Led_Chip
      • led grow light -50W_High_Power_Led_Full_Spectrum
      • led grow light -60W_High_Power_Led_Full_Spectrum_
      • led grow light -Grow_leds_Full_Spectrum_100w_plant_grow_led_chip
      • led grow light -1W_High_Power_LED
      • led grow light -10W_High_Power_LED
      600W led grow ligh
      300W led grow ligh
      600W led grow light for vanq