Advice of Choosing Quality Led Grow Lamp

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Advice of Choosing Quality Led Grow Lamp

Price comes first or Quality comes first Advice of choosing quality led grow lamp   Dear Clients,   What is the most concern when you buying product from either supermarket or online web shop like Taobao,Aliexpress,Chinese Equivalent retailing shop as ...

Our Products can be applied to many industry

Modern agriculture,Greenhouse,indoor plant growing,laboratory test etc.

VANQ experienced in providing the right circumstances for your crop.Please check which light can work for your project!

VANQ's Grow Leds

Specializing in indoor plant growth.

1w 3w Grow Leds Application

1w 3w grow leds: full spectrum 400-840nm,single color RGB(red:660nm,blue 460nm,green 530nm)with sophisticated high encapsulation technology.Top quality with best price.Widely used in led grow tube,led par light,led panel grow light etc.,

High Power Integrated Grow Led Chips

High Power Integrated Grow Led chip, self-manufacrtured and encapsulation,power watt available:30-150w,Spectrum: full spectrum 380-840nm, dual spectrum,7 band spectrum etc., Good working performance with best price. Widely used in high power led grow light above 300w.


Encapsulated manufacturer high power UV LED(1w-500w).Rich ultraviolet light wavelengths: 365nm, 380nm, 390nm,etc.Top quality and low light delegration.Specialized in plant grow lighting application,for ink Curing, sterilization,cleansing,etc special equipments. We'd like to share the application picture as below: In Currency Detection: In Ink Curing:  In Sterilization: In indoor plant growth&Agricultural Pest Application:

About us

Brief Introduction about VANQ: VANQ,a professional LED GROW LIGHT&1-500w HIGH POWER LEDs manufacturer Founded in 2009 7th Year Gold Supplier in CE,RoHS approved,2 years warranty                                                                                   Our main Guests&Market: (FOR LED GROW LIGHT):hydroponic growth system,tissue cultivation,greenhouse,biotechnology plant research Etc., (FOR HIGH POWER LEDS) :quality led sourcing material for IR IP camera,UV curing,DIY led grow light supply.Etc.,

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