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Vanqled T8 Horticulture Lamp New Spectrum Experiential Price Valid by 10th Sept.
Published: 2017-12-21

Dear Partner,
Thanks for stepping by
It is now VANQ LED 8-year anniversary, we would like to invite you to join us and enjoy the experiential price:

Initialize from: 14.5$ USD (T8 20w Grow Tube)

Date Valid by: 10th September.2017

The LATEST SPECTRUM of the T8 grow tube were tested with many trials in our lab house and now it succeed.

It is evidenced by the following information required and it will be of your further interest.
Sufficient LUX, PPFD Chart as follow for your review:


Hanging height LUX PPFD (umol/m2/s)
10cm 1321 147
20cm 689 76
30cm 480 53

It make you plant growing like never before, see LAB test in VANQLED and production photos from our partner.


For trial order stage, 6-8 pcs for ONE GROWTH CHAMBER as (4ft * 3ft) highly recommended for optimal growth.

More quantities like 100pcs is welcome if more GROWTH CHAMBER were applied.


Moreover, It is worthy for you to entertain since we give you the amazing support like ever before.


As per the client cooperation on grow led light, VANQLED would offer:
1. VANQLED offer special pricing to you after sample within 3 years.
2. VANQLED offer free samples(valued about 100$) to you on bulk order from your clients within 3 years.
3. VANQLED will implement refunable policy(50% refund to you for the sample order)when mass order confirmed within 3 years.

You are more than welcome to contact us for a friendly conversation about your needs.

Best regards,

Supplier:Shenzhen Vanq Technology Co.,Ltd


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Add: #399 Jihua Rd., BanTian ,LongGang Dist.Shenzhen,G.D.,518129,PRC


Please kindly note: this event is now expired, for latest pricing on this products, please contact us our sales, thanks for your kind cooperation in advance. (Update: 2017.09)