The LED growth lights generate heat during use, which affects the life of the LED grow lights and causes the temperature of the growth chamber to rise and affect the growth of the plant. Therefore, it is very important to cool the LED lights. Let’s talk about three designs for reducing the temperature of LED growth lights.

cooling LED Grow lights and grow tent with fans - 3 Designs For Cooling Down LED Grow Lights

Electromagnetic jet cooling

Electromagnetic radiation jet fan blades are not used in the production process.

The structure is that after the cavity oscillating membrane, electromagnetic and piezoelectric actuators are used for 100~200 seconds, the membrane oscillates up and down. As the membrane moves, the air enters and exits the cavity.

The airflow creates eddy currents in the surrounding air and enhances air convection, which has been used in the manufacture of LED bulbs.

Natural convection cooling

Natural convection is in direct contact with the air through the radiator.

The air around the heat exchanger becomes hot air by absorbing heat, and then the hot air rises, and the cold air descends, thereby convecting the air to achieve the heat dissipation effect.

With the introduction of high-power lighting products, the use of large-area natural convection fins with heat-dissipating surfaces is natural, and most of them are added to the luminaires, which have a large heat-dissipating area and improve heat dissipation. Today’s LED factory is one of the most widely used plants in the light industry.

Loop heat pipe cooling

When heat is applied from the evaporator loop heat pipe, the medium working medium absorbs heat, evaporates the heat flow condenser, condenses, and then passes through the capillary material of the capillary force of the capillary, returns to the evaporator, and repeats the cycle.

Hydroponic vegetable LED plant growth lamp is an artificial light source that uses LED as the illuminant to meet the illumination conditions required for photosynthesis of plants. According to the type, it belongs to the third generation plant fill light fixture!

The cooling effect of the cycle is unquestionable. Due to cost and volume constraints, LED factories cannot be used in light industry.

The most common form of heat dissipation in LED growth lights is fan cooling.

The number of fans should be reasonably designed according to the specific situation.  If the number of fans is small, it cannot be cooled. More fans will add the LED grow lights cost.

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