There are many benefits of seedling raising, which is convenient for centralized management, which can increase the germination rate of seeds by nearly 100%. It can also prevent pests and diseases, and facilitate the selection of good quality seedlings. Finally, the growth of vegetables is not only good but also a better harvest.

grow vegetables indoor with led grow lights - 3 Precautions For Indoor Vegetable Seedlings

Vegetable seedling precautions

According to the spectrum of different vegetables, choose the most suitable LED light for growing seedling to shorten the growth time and increase the yield and quality.

Here bring you 4 precautions on vegetable seedling grow:

1. Germination and moving into the warm room

During the germination period, the seed germination level is checked every morning and afternoon. It is necessary to stop germination before the radicle exceeds 0.5 cm, or before the soil is not exposed, and the tray is moved into the greenhouse net bed as soon as possible to receive the illumination of the seedling lights. Don’t let the hypocotyl grow wild in the dark, thus affecting the quality of the seedlings.

Harvesting hydroponic plants - 3 Precautions For Indoor Vegetable Seedlings

2. Overcome seed dormancy

Some crop seeds have a dormant phenomenon, which must be “awakened” before they can germinate. Seed dormancy can be divided into dormancy and embryo dormancy.

3. Seedling cultivation management technology

The environment and management techniques for the cultivation of plug seedlings are the key factors affecting the quality of plug seedlings. After seedlings are cultivated, good roots are required to improve the survival rate of transplants.

Therefore, whether the seedlings are robust or not is affected by the degree of root development. The growth of the stems and leaves on the ground is likely to cause long growth, which has an adverse effect on the colonization field.

With the appropriate technical management of water nutrients, light and temperature, the root system is established quickly. Therefore, water nutrient management during the seedling stage and the management techniques of various embryo control factors determine the success of plug seedlings.

indoor grow plants - 3 Precautions For Indoor Vegetable Seedlings

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