Today we talk about the techniques of fish farming in the aquarium, including ways to make fish life more comfortable and healthy, also includes how to choose and use the aquarium Light.

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Temperature Control System” and “Aquarium Light” are very important parts of aquarium fish farming. Following are the details about them:

1. Temperature control technique

Many of the seawater ornamental fish we keep living in the tropics. Their general temperature of life is definitely different from our four seasons. They need 23°C~29°C in water to survive. This needs two tools: a heating rod and chiller. Also, you can use the aquarium temperature controller.

1.1 Heating rod

The heating rod is divided into glass and metal. It is recommended to use glass products because the metal reacts easily with sea water.

It is best to install a heating rod in the filter tank because some fish love to bite the wire, which is dangerous. However, it still has some safety components installed, such as automatic temperature control: when the water temperature reaches the set temperature range, it will automatically stop heating, and the use will not increase the power consumption.

1.2  Chiller

The chiller is not a necessary component in the seawater tank, but some areas are used because the water in the aquarium cannot exceed 30 °C, and the individual areas are too hot, then you can only press one.

Some people say that the temperature of the air conditioner in the house is falling very fast, then I don’t need to install it. In fact, the temperature is fast, it does not turn on the air conditioner, and it heats up quickly. If the temperature is more than 3°, your fish will not feel good. It will soon be tortured and killed by warming and cooling. This is really bad for fish health. . .

Therefore, some people have considered this point and started to use the temperature control system to ensure the stability of the water temperature.

Also, if it is a coral reef with corals, the temperature will be lower and stay at 28 °C, because corals and most invertebrates can’t stand this temperature.

2. The choice and use of the aquarium light

Pure fish farming, lighting system in addition to aesthetics, there is not much practical use, install 1~2 fluorescent tubes according to the length of the aquarium.

If it is a coral reef and there is a fish, then it must be paid attention to. Coral is very needed for light because it has zooxanthellae in it, it must be photosynthesis to be alive, and it contains a lot of fluorescent protein, so a good lamp can be It will be nice to motivate his fluorescent protein, so choosing the light is especially important for corals.

2.1  Aquarium light selection

With a water depth of less than 50 cm, with a fluorescent device, the water depth is higher than 50 cm. It is recommended to choose an LED lamp or a T5HO lamp:

Metal halide lamp: used in the past, but this product is too hot and too hot, but also to cool down, but its advantage is that it is a point source, it will have a sparkling feeling, if not specifically pursue this How to recommend newbie. Metal halide light bulbs are single-ended and double-ended. You need to pay attention to the matching when you buy the lamp. Generally, low power, 70w, and 150w are double-ended, while 250w and 400w are single-ended. You need to pay attention to the lamp housing you bought. After the metal halide lamp is turned off, it takes 10 minutes to turn it on. This is a protection mechanism, not that it is broken.

T5 tube: It has many colors, white, blue, fluorescent purple, pink green. For sea fish, it is generally a choice of several colors. If your tank is wider, you should choose six tubes. For example, 60 cylinders can choose two white tubes, three blue tubes, and one fluorescent purple tube; 80 cylinders use 8 tubes, which are three white and three purple. A Fiji violet is a fluorescent purple; 10 tubes can choose four white and four blue, one fluorescent purple and one Fiji purple.

For most people, if you only need to raise the soft body, you can use six tubes for 80 or 100 wide cylinders. The length of the tube is available in four sizes: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, so the length of the cylinder. You need to stick with these lights. If the size of the cylinder is longer, such as 3 meters, you can choose three rows of 90 lights to cover the cylinder.

LED lights: Now everyone raises corals, the mainstream is LEDs, and now they have made some light sources. The lights and metal halide lights are not bad. However, there is one thing that should be worth noting. It is a narrow spectrum, so if you want to raise the coral well, the spectrum is more important. The coral needs 450 nm blue light, 420 nm blue-purple light, and 390 UVA, plus some 12000k white light, it has been corrected. Blue, although the blue coral can grow, we don’t look comfortable, so the LED light visual experience is good.

Power selection of LED lights: For LPS large water body corals, a 1cm cylinder is usually enough for 1w. For example, if the cylinder is 60 cm, the lamp will be 60w; the 90 cm cylinder will use 90W. If it is a small water body coral, this is twice the power.

Aquarium red coral planting - 4 Lighting Tips for Aquarium Fish Farming

2.2 Aquarium light brightness

Don’t use too strong lights, it will cause excessive free radicals in the coral (free radicals are the most feared by women, it will make the skin aging), too many free radicals need stronger waves to light the corals.

The free radicals wash away, but too strong waves make the corals shake, causing the corals to be not very comfortable. Excessive light produces too many metabolites, and too many metabolites require extra large protein separation.

The device is processed, but the extra large protein separator will produce eutrophication, which will cause more free radicals in the water, and then the free radicals generated by the coral will have nowhere to go, so many people use it. Very good and very large protein separators, the status of the coral is not particularly good, it is for this reason.

Sometimes the details don’t understand, the ecology of the seawater tank is viciously circulating, so to raise the coral, we must emphasize the balance of the system, that is, the ecological balance.

2.3 Reasonable lighting time of the aquarium light

So the light should not be too strong, the time should not be too long, the timer should be set to take 16 hours and off for 8 hours, give the coral time to rest, excrete the trace element metabolites in the body, then you have been producing free radicals all the time. It is not good for it, it takes some time to repair the light damage.

Seawater corals have zooxanthellae, so 450nm plant blue light is needed for photosynthesis. In general, a one-centimeter cylinder is enough for 1w of power. That is to say, if your tank is 60 cm, you may choose 60w of the light, 9090 for 90 cm.

SPS, which is a small scorpion coral, has twice the power, but can’t use too strong a light, because it is too strong, it will cause excessive free radicals in the coral. Generally, 1cm water body, with 2~3w led light, 60cm cylinder, 120~180w led light.

What kind of light is used in the sea tank is not only a problem for the growth of the organism in the aquarium but also a key factor affecting the overall charm of the sea tank? In the sea, there is energy from the sun. In order to restore the natural seawater environment in a small sea tank, in addition to preparing seawater, other equipment for the aquarium should be prepared. Among them, the light is a very important one, so that you can raise seawater creatures with seawater tanks.

Aquarium coral planting - 4 Lighting Tips for Aquarium Fish Farming

2.4 How to choose the aquarium lights

Selecting the right luminaire for a seawater tank requires comprehensive consideration. We need to purchase the most suitable lights according to the size of the aquarium, the biological species we are raising, our own economic strength, and the operation of the light.

There are many kinds of aquarium lights sold in the market. There are many lamps of different colors, different halogens, different wattages, different shapes, and different sizes. There are also differences in prices. For this reason, you must first prepare for the purchase, investigate the relevant market, and then compare and purchase. Of course, you can always consult us.

The color choice of the aquarium luminaire is also clear here. Some of the colors of the coral are also reflected by the fluorescence of the seawater to stimulate the coral, but it is all blue light, which also affects the viewing. Therefore, other light colors are needed. Balance the color for a better viewing experience.

The basic light source is generally selected to have a light source for growing light: T5HO white light 10000K~12000K, halogen light 10000K~14000K.

Whether it is in the aquarium fish farming skills or the choice of aquarium lights, it affects the beauty and functionality of the whole aquarium. The quality of the aquarium lights affects the health of the tank organisms.