Although the LED light is a cold light source, it still emits heat during actual use. And if the temperature of the LED lights is too high, it will shorten the life of the LED lights. So what are the reasons for the LED light temperature rise? Below we summarize the five main factors why LED lights temperature rise.

LED grow lights - 5 Factors Affecting The Temperature Of LED Lights

5 Reason why LED lights temperature rise

1. LED lights structure and raw materials

The structure and raw materials of the LED chip are also one of the factors affecting the thermal resistance of the LED, reducing the thermal resistance of the LED itself is the primary condition.

Heat sink materials with different thermal conductivity (such as copper and aluminum) also have a great influence on the thermal resistance of LEDs. Therefore, selecting a suitable heat sink material is also one of the methods to reduce the thermal resistance of LED devices.

2. Heat sink material and size of the heat sink area

Even if the same heat sink material is used, it is directly related to the size of the heat sink area. The secondary heat dissipation design is reasonable, the area is large, and the thermal resistance is correspondingly reduced. This plays an important role in extending the luminous efficiency and life of the LED.

3. The thermal paste of the LED chip

The thermal paste of the LED chip is still directly connected to the metal. Different materials, including thermal paste and metal, can affect the heat resistance of the LED. The thermal resistance between the LED and the secondary cooler loading interface should be as low as possible.

4. Ambient temperature

The operating temperature of the LED component is too high, which will also affect the thermal resistance of the LED component and reduce the ambient temperature.

5. LED luminous efficiency

The selection of cathode materials and control of the rated import power and other technical details, in order to improve the LED luminous efficiency and extend the life of the LED premise, to deal with the heat dissipation problem of LED.

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