How many LED grow lights do I need per square meter?

The number of fixtures required is part of a complex calculation called “lighting planning” that our dealers provide for our potential customers for free. Some of the information we need to calculate is:

  • Plant type being propagated
  • Surface size
  • Expected output, etc.

Then we create a lighting plan that contains the exact number of fixtures and their location (distance from the plant, density, positioning, etc.). The calculations were done using our proprietary lighting planning techniques and based on hundreds of large-scale research trials.

How to choose the best LED growth lights? There are so many brand LED grow lights in the market…

VANQ’s technology has focused on sun substituting light.

LED grow light is our main products, one-fifth of our full team are specialized in biology, botany and light technology. We’ve spent over 10 years to this industry and made the great process, own many international prize and supporter. Hope we can share our acknowledge to help with your plant business.

Why does your LED grow lights more expensive than HPS lights?

No, they’re not. LED lights save much power than HPS and have a longer life. That means LED grow lights are not more expensive at all in the long run. Last but not least, LED grow lights can produce impressive results: better crop and increase your savings.

Does the spectrum depend on the type of plant I grow?

Yes. Our professional service and biologists will provide you the best customize spectrum plan for your plant.

Can I change the light spectrum of LED grow lights after I buy it?

No. When you place an order, LED lights with spectra inside are manufactured for you and thus not changeable later. If your application requires flexibility, please contact us before manufacture.

Why does the delivery time so long?

Each of our orders is manufactured after receiving the order, using our high-tech, high-quality manufacturing capabilities to meet customer requirements as much as possible. Until the products through quality inspection, repackaging them, arrange delivery ASAP.

Still have questions about VanqLED? Please feel free to contact our customer service.