Due to the medicinal value of cannabis and the legalization in some areas, more and more people are beginning to grow cannabis. Here we have collected some information about the planting environment and growth cycle of cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis growing environment

Cannabis growing environment include cannabis temperature and grow light.

1. Cannabis growing temperature:

Cannabis seeds can germinate at 1 ~ 3 ° C, suitable temperature is 25 ~ 30 ° C; seedlings can tolerate -3 ~ -5 ° C low temperature, suitable growth temperature of seedling stage 10 ~ 15 ° C; rapid growth period 19 ~ 23 ° C; Mature period 18 ~ 20 ° C. In the flowering period, if the temperature is -1 to -2 °C, the flower is dead and cannot form seeds.

2. Cannabis growing illumination:

Cannabis is a hi-light, short-day crop, and late-maturing varieties are more sensitive to light. In production, the southern planting of northern plants is beneficial to increase fiber production.

Cannabis cultivation - 6 Things about Cannabis Planting Environment and Growth Cycle

Cannabis growth cycle

According to the characteristics of cannabis fertility, its life is divided into emergence period, seedling growth period, rapid growth period and maturity. The cannabis growth cycle is generally 80-140 days.

1. Emergence period:

From sowing to emergence, under suitable field conditions, generally about 10 days.

2. Seedling growth period:

From emergence to the 7-9th, the true leaves are developed into seedlings, which last for 30-40 days. The shoots grow slower and the roots develop faster.

3. Rapid growth period:

From the end of the seedling growth period to the beginning of flowering, lasting about 55 days. Rapid elongation of the stem is the main stage of fiber production.

4. Maturity:

Male plants from the beginning to the end of flowering, lasting 15-25 days, is the mature stage of the male plant, also known as the fiber accumulation and maturity.

Female plants from flowering stage to seed maturation, lasting 30-40 days, is the key period for the formation of female grain yield; if used as fiber, when the following fruit begins to mature, it will reach the mature stage of the process.

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