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Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of LED plant growth lamps and related products. It has LED dust-free packaging production line, spectral integration sphere professional spectrum analysis aging test workshop, plant factory laboratory, etc. Industry leading hardware strength;

The company pays attention to the construction of R&D team, software system, automatic control system, research on plants (vegetables, melons, herbs, cash crops, etc.), and has established research and development of plant laboratories of nearly 200 square meters. For the laboratory, the light source required by the R&D laboratory is equipped with laboratory testing instruments to enhance the monitoring and management of the laboratory carbon dioxide concentration, spectrum, effective luminous flux, temperature and humidity to obtain accurate experimental data;

From the lamp lamp source, the spectral light formula to the final product, all of them are self-developed and designed. The products have passed the CE certification test such as CE and ROHS, and obtained many certifications and patents. They won the national high-tech enterprise in 2017; the company is oriented to ecological agriculture. , facility agriculture, plant factories, providing high-quality indoor hydroponics, tissue culture, growing light, seedlings, greenhouse shed light, artificial intervention during flowering, and other modern agricultural planting technology programs, LED plant lamp products and technical support services, participated in the domestic Foreign companies have cooperated with many projects and won unanimous praise from customers, and accumulated rich technical cases.

LED dust free packaging production line - Company advantage

LED Dust-Free Packaging Production Line

Spectral integrating sphere - Company advantage

Spectral Integrating Sphere

Professional spectral analysis aging test workshop - Company advantage

Professional Spectral Analysis Aging Test Workshop

Plant factory laboratory - Company advantage

Plant factory laboratory

Independent research and development design - Company advantage

Independent research and development design

Project cooperation - Company advantage

Project cooperation