Hydroponics has become a trend in modern agriculture, and now we are able to reach more and more hydroponic vegetables. So do you know the advantages of hydroponic vegetables?

hydroponic farm - 6 Advantages of Hydroponic Vegetables

1. Product quality is high

The edible parts of leafy vegetables are mostly stems and leaves, and some can also be eaten raw, so the products need to be fresh, clean and free from pollution.

Hydroponic vegetables have a short growth cycle and are rich in vitamins and minerals essential to the body. Traditional soil culture is easy to stick to the soil. Really good hydroponic vegetables have a higher quality and better taste than the soil cultured vegetables.

2. Market demand

Leafy vegetables are relatively inconvenient to store, and in order to satisfy the needs of the market, annual production is required. The traditional method of soil culture is cumbersome, the labor intensity is high, and soilless cultivation is much simpler. It is an advantage to achieve the production of orders at any time by planting, planting, harvesting, and uninterrupted production throughout the year.

hydroponic vertical farm - 6 Advantages of Hydroponic Vegetables

3. Off-season supply

Leafy vegetables have a short growth cycle, rapid capital turnover, and facilities as protection. They can be produced in bad weather and are not affected by external conditions, thus earning high profits in the off-season.

4. Reduces Threat of Pests, Disease

Although growing vegetables hydroponically cannot eliminate all threats posed by pests and disease, it can cut down on them dramatically, Since many pests and infectious agents are soil-borne, growing vegetables in water can sharply reduce exposure to these dangers. The reduced threat of pests and disease allows hydroponic farmers to cut their use of chemical agents, producing vegetables with minimal exposure to chemicals.

urban farming urban gardening - 6 Advantages of Hydroponic Vegetables

5. Fertilizer

Due to the short growth cycle of hydroponic leafy vegetables, it is usually not necessary to replace the nutrient solution in a production cycle, which greatly eliminates the cost of fertilizer.

6. High efficiency

Because hydroponic vegetables are not affected by continuous cropping obstacles, they can be produced on an annual basis. They can produce more than 20 ounces a year, and the economic benefits are considerable. Therefore, general leafy vegetables are mainly hydroponics.

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