Are you sure what PAR readings really mean?

Photosynthetic Acti… Huh? 

  Lumens, wavelength, coverage area, etc… When you’re looking for a grow light there’s tons of information to look at and look for. But are you sure you’re looking for the right info? One of the biggest questions you should be asking is: what is the P.A.R. reading of this light?

P.A.R. stands for “Photosynthetic Active Radiation” and it’s the measurement of how much light is falling on to your plants at a given point below the light. The wrong light may be either too intense or not intense enough to grow what you want, so it’s important to know the P.A.R. reading of a light to see if it will work in your Vertical Farm.
Still not sure what we mean? No worries. We actually made a video about P.A.R. readings and what yours should be at, but there’s only one catch: you’ve got to join our Yotube Videoto watch it.

Got some lights in mind?

Double lens reflectors can increase P.A.R. readings by 20-35%!

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