There are more and more people now breeding corals and fish in aquariums, and it is now widely accepted that moonlights are very important for aquarium farming. Therefore, various moonlights have appeared, and now the most popular is the LED moonlight.

coral under the Blue LED lights - LED Aquarium Moonlight - Best LED Light for Aquarium 2019

Previous moonlight lamps

In front of LED coral lights, people tried to simulate moonlight with low-power incandescent lamps, even if they did not simulate fluorescent lamps with photocatalytic materials.

Other light sources (except fluorescent lamps) can simulate the effect of moonlight from a point source, however, in this respect, the outer column of the coral lamp is caused.

LED Aquarium moonlight

At first, only one LED bulb can be imitated, so the timer and three LED bulbs simulate different scenes, Moonlight Night. Some fans can be connected to your computer to simulate real moon control LED coral lights based on data after the moon. The pursuit of nature is crazy.

Frankly, I haven’t heard of simulated moonlights that can make corals grow, but I’m sure some places have coral lights that produce different lights, such as red, green, yellow, and blue.

Have you noticed that what I am saying here is not the same, because white LEDs are still impossible, if you need white LED lights, you can package them into red, green, blue, and epoxy, in the development of color computers. It is more expensive.

Will consume a lot of power; or choose other diodes, you can use UV paint to illuminate in epoxy, which is a really small fluorescent light that emits white light. The output of another program. The original LED’s low-power operation, it can increase combustion at low currents.

The new LED can withstand higher currents, some people can withstand an increase of 0.5 mA, more light, the angle of the LED light is wider; the angle of light collection is better than the original LED.

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