Breaking news: German Bundestag passes legalization of recreational cannabis

Posted on May 10 , 2024

With South Africa easing cannabis cultivation laws, more gardening enthusiasts and professionals are exploring the possibility of growing cannabis at home.

 However, for beginners, selecting the right equipment from the vast array of choices on the market can be quite challenging. 

This guide will provide you with a detailed overview to help you choose the right equipment for growing cannabis in South Africa, ensuring your cultivation journey is both efficient and successful.

In this article, we'll start by guiding you through selecting a grow tent and gradually introduce you to lighting systems and other essential tools. 

We'll give you a comprehensive perspective so you can make the best decision based on your needs. Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting out, this guide will be your reliable companion on the path to indoor cannabis cultivation.

How to Choose a Grow Tent

1.Importance of a Grow Tent:

When growing cannabis indoors, a grow tent provides a controlled environment where you can precisely manage various conditions needed for optimal growth, from temperature and humidity to light management. 

For anyone planning to cultivate cannabis plants, choosing a suitable grow tent directly impacts plant health and final yield.

2.Space and Size Selection:

When selecting a grow tent, the first consideration is the size of the available space. For cannabis plants, ensure each plant has sufficient room to grow without being overcrowded.

Suitable for growing 1-3 small plants or 2 medium-sized cannabis plants. This size is perfect for indoor cultivation in small spaces.

  • 90x90 cm Tent:

Can hold 2-4 small or medium-sized plants, offering more room while maintaining a compact form. Suitable for beginners and small-scale indoor gardening.

90x90 cm Tent

  • 120x120 cm Tent:

Typically accommodates 4-6 medium-sized cannabis plants. This tent size provides more space, ideal for intermediate growers.

Holds 6-9 larger plants, giving experienced growers greater flexibility and room.

90x90 cm Tent

3.Why Choose THEONEGROW Tents:

Selecting the right grow tent is the key first step in cannabis cultivation. The tent creates an ideal micro-environment, allowing each plant to grow fully even in a limited space. 

THEONEGROW stands out with its unique design and features, offering growers an excellent option. Key advantages include:

  • High-Efficiency Reflective Design:

Made with eco-friendly PEVA plastic-coated aluminum film with high reflectivity, it maximizes the light efficiency of grow lights, accelerating plant growth.

  • Durable Structure:

The outer layer uses heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric with a sturdy steel frame, ensuring durability and long-term stability.

  • Premium Ventilation System:

Double-layered vents and breathable mesh windows prevent insect intrusion and ensure proper airflow. Customizable vent sizes from 3 to 11 inches accommodate various fans and filters.

  • User-Friendly Features:

The viewing window is made of eco-friendly plastic with Velcro cover and fabric overlay, making plant observation convenient. High-quality zippers are smooth and easy to operate.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance:

The tent is designed for quick assembly, simplifying the setup process and making it easy to maintain a clean growing environment.

How to Choose a Grow Light

When selecting an LED grow light for your tent, you'll face many options, each designed to meet specific growing needs. Most importantly, the grow light should cover the entire tent, ensuring each plant receives adequate lighting for robust growth.


1.For 60x60 cm Tents:

Specifically designed for 60x60 cm tents, it features 744 Osram LED chips and 200W of power, providing 580 µmol/s of light output and 2.9 µmol/J efficacy. The full-spectrum + 660 nm red light ensures each plant receives ample light in a compact environment.


Offers 580 µmol/s of light output and 2.9 µmol/J efficacy. The full-spectrum + 660 nm red light provides comprehensive lighting, while its excellent heat dissipation and adjustable brightness ensure plants receive optimal light in a compact space.


2.For 90x90 cm Tents:

Uses 1488 Osram LED chips, with a total power of 400W. It provides 1160 µmol/s of light output and 2.9 µmol/J efficacy. The full-spectrum + 660 nm red light design ensures optimal lighting for soil, aeroponic, or hydroponic systems during the growth and flowering stages.


Provides 1160 µmol/s with a 400W power output and 2.9 µmol/J efficacy. The full-spectrum + 660 nm red light offers even lighting for various indoor growing systems, with excellent heat dissipation and adjustable brightness.


3.For 120x120 cm Tents:

Designed for medium-sized growing areas with 2232 Osram LED chips, providing 1856 µmol/s PPF output at 640W and 2.9 µmol/J efficacy. The full-spectrum design with a 120° beam angle ensures optimal lighting for each plant at every growth stage.


4..For 150x150 cm Tents:

Uses 2976 efficient Osram LED chips, providing 2320 µmol/s light output with 800W of power and 2.9 µmol/J efficacy. The full-spectrum + 660 nm red light provides comprehensive lighting throughout the entire cannabis growth cycle.


Whether you're an experienced grower or just starting out, choosing the right lighting system is crucial for ensuring your plants receive sufficient light. If you're looking for the best LED grow lights or grow tents for cannabis cultivation, click the dialogue box below to receive comprehensive lighting solutions that will help you achieve a bountiful harvest.

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