Why Does the Netherlands Allow You to Grow Cannabis at Home

Posted on May 16 , 2024

When we mention cannabis, the Netherlands, a small country at the heart of Europe, must be discussed. As early as 1976, the Netherlands passed the milestone Opium Act, which distinguished 'soft drugs' from 'hard drugs,' with cannabis classified under the more lenient category of soft drugs. This policy granted cannabis a special status—although the cultivation and large-scale sale of cannabis remain illegal, the government permits its commercial sale and personal use under specific conditions.


Entering the 1980s, the Netherlands began allowing the sale and consumption of small amounts of cannabis within coffee shops. These coffee shops became government-recognized legal cannabis sale points, though sales are strictly limited. The government stipulates that no more than 5 grams of cannabis may be sold to each customer, and advertising and sales to minors are prohibited.

Private Cultivation of Cannabis

In terms of private cultivation, the Dutch government also adopts a relatively open attitude. Individuals are allowed to grow up to 5 cannabis plants at home, strictly for personal use. Cultivators must ensure they do not disturb their neighbors, especially regarding the scent of cannabis.

What equipment is needed for home cannabis cultivation?

THEONEGROW offers tent cultivation equipment, which features built-in fans and filtration systems to effectively isolate odors and maintain air quality.

Once you have the place for cultivation, what else is missing?

Of course, it's light!

Since the tent interior does not receive natural light, LED lights, compared to HPS lights or CFL fluorescent lights, offer higher energy efficiency and better cost-effectiveness.

If you want to learn how to choose the right equipment based on your cultivation scale, you can refer to 'Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Growing Equipment: A Must-Read Before You Buy!' which provides detailed guidance and advice.



Legal Progress and Latest Updates

In 2017, the Netherlands passed a law proposal that allows large-scale cannabis cultivation under government supervision. This measure marks a significant step towards full legalization.

In recent years, to more effectively control the cannabis market, the government initiated several experimental projects, allowing legalized cultivation in selected areas to supply local coffee shops.

Notably, the upcoming 2024 Amsterdam Green Tech Exhibition will be held at the RAI International Exhibition and Convention Center from June 11 to 13. This exhibition will showcase the latest technologies and products for legalized cannabis cultivation. The event will provide a platform for gardening enthusiasts and professionals from around the world to exchange and learn.

THEONEGROW will also display our latest technological achievements at the exhibition. 

Our booth, 05.462MP, will feature a range of plant grow lights from 20W to 1200W, covering needs from small-scale home cultivation to large-scale commercial production. Additionally, we will display our dimming controllers, cultivation tents, and special flowering lamps designed for the cannabis flowering phase


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