case bjhgdx 01 - BUCT research project

BUCT research project

Location: Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Type: Scientific research company

Size: Small separate planting room for seedling project

Implementation plan: VQ-GLIA300

Why choose us?

The 300W small sun series full-spectrum plant light custom light source is developed by the VANQ Experiments. It is specially designed for seedlings with a special ratio full-spectrum light source. The more precise light formula provides the spectral band required by plants, and the seedlings are strong under the same light intensity. Seedlings and promote growth are better.

case bjhgdx 02 - BUCT research project
case bjhgdx 03 - BUCT research project

Full spectrum plant lamp

Special light for plant

case bjhgdx cp - BUCT research project

300W plant growth light

It has the most suitable precise spectral ratio and good planting effect for different varieties.

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