Tissue Culture, 800sqm, Nature Planting Technology, China

  • Customer Type: Cheery Sapling Company
  • Cutomer Name: Shandong Nature Planting Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Application: Cherry Tissue Culture
  • Crop: Cherry
  • Location: Shandong, China
  • Lighting Solution: VANQ GLT8 with Custom Spectrum for Cherry
China Shandong Tissue culture image 1

Cherry Tissue Culture Results

Increased space utilization more than 30%, more healthy and robust cherry Saplings, much less energy cost.

China Shandong Tissue culture image 2

Shandong Nature Planting is a Cherry Sapling production company, which is responsible for 60% of all Cherry Saplings that are supplied to Shandong Province of China. Using LEDs brings the distance between each shelf closer, and has enabled the company to increase production by 30%.

In addition to this, the company is making substantial savings on energy. This is partly because the LEDs consume significantly less energy than the fluorescent lighting previously used, but also because the substantially lower amount of heat generated by the LEDs means less HVAC cost is required. The quality of the cherry tissue culture has improved as well. “We harden off 12,000 plants each week. The quality of the plant growth is constant. We are achieving much better results now than with conventional fluorescent lighting.” said the company owner.

China Shandong Tissue culture image 3
The plants grow much faster and the growth is much bushier. The measurable results have convinced me that LED lighting is the future.

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