Vertical Farming and Tissue Culture, 10000sqft, Veg Growth, Mexico

  • Customer Type: Vegetable factory with its own seedlings nursery
  • Cutomer Name: Veg Growth
  • Application: Vertical Farming
  • Crop: Leafy Greens
  • Location: Mexico
  • Lighting Solution: VANQ GLTW036, GLT8020
vertical farming and tissue culture image 1

Leafy Greens Vertical Farming Result

Able to serve local restaurants with the freshest and year-around vegetables in a much more resources-efficient way.

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Veg Growth is a private company that employs a sustainable approach to farming. Providing consumers with organically grown pesticide/herbicide and GMO free produce is their goal and is good for people and the planet. Conserving resources is also good for our bottom line. Everything can be recycled, including water and nutrients.Produce is harvested 365 days a year with the goal- farm to table in 24 hours.

vertical farming and tissue culture image 3

At the beginning of 2015, VANQ and Veg Growth have partnered to develop the leafy greens vertical farming using LED grow lights tailored to their specific crops. This innovative farming model allows Veg Growth to harvest 20 times a year by using ‘light recipes’ optimized for their produce, using 40% less energy. The result will be an increase in crop yields and reduced operating costs, while providing consumers with locally grown, fresh vegetables throughout the year. Veg growth has invested firmly to renovate and equip indoor growing facilities combined more than  10,000 sqrft which use VANQ energy-efficient LED solutions tailored to their specific requirement.

By growing our crops vertically with LED lights, we are able to pack more plants per acre than we would have in a field farm, which results in more harvests per year. We produce little waste,no agricultural runoff and minimal greenhouse gasses because the food is grown where it is consumed, reduce the food miles and improve freshness.

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