Happy Lunar Chinese New Year Notice from VANQ(2019)

Dear partners, We are going to celebrate Lunar Chinese New Year, as the most cherised festival for family reunion, most of our worker went home for once a year, we would like to inform you about the holiday range and production arrangement beforehand. Holiday range: 30th Jan. to 13th Feb. 2019 Orders made after [...]

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VANQ Holiday Greetings and News

We feel glad and honored that we gained many friends throughout 2018. We learnt and supported each other a lot by conversing with your esteemed company and valuable partner as well. At this defining moment, the rest less than 10 days of the year 2018, We wishing our friends, partners and customers around the world [...]

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We are together with you for SUPER MARCH PURCHASE in March 2018

Dear client, it is now the new year of 2018, on behalf of VANQ, we would like to extend our best wishes to all of our friends and partners here, wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, and best luck to your friends, families and beloved ones as well. As you know, it is also close [...]

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Happy Chinese New Year Notice from VANQ

Dear friends, It is close to Lunar Chinese New Year, and we will have family reunion as conventional. As the most essential part of our work each year, so before holiday, we are obliged to keep you informed about the holiday notice and production arrangement beforehand: Holiday range: from 10th Feb., to 25th Feb., 2018 Orders made [...]

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Highlights Review from VANQ New Year Gala 2018

Highlights Review from VANQ New Year Gala On 3rd Feb., 2018, VANQ New Year Gala was celebrated in Double-Happiness Hotel in Buji District, Shenzhen City, with staffs from all department and branches in VANQ company present there. The President Mr. Jiao had an inspiring lecture at the beginning of the Gala, which won a lot of applause [...]

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HR Notice

Dear Partners, Thanks for your continuous support on VANQ business, and we would like to release a HR notice: Our sales Rachel is no longer with us due to family undertakings since first week of December 2017, any queries and business requirement, please feel free to contact VANQ Sales; We would also kindly inform that VANQ [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

MERRY CHRISTMAS&HAPPY NEW YEAR We appreciate for all those partners who have been together with us, we wishing YOU peace, joy and happiness for the Christmas and the coming New Year. We are expecting a fruitful year in 2017 and a promising year in 2018. @Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co., Ltd. Besides led grow lighting manufacturing, [...]

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Great News: Authorized Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate newly join VANQ family

Dear Partner, Thanks for stepping by VANQ official website. Followed by our last joint cooperation with South China Agricultural University-VANQ: Partnership with University for joint development of led grow light We got the Authorized Hi-Tech Enterprise Certificate official registration by Four Authorized Shenzhen Bureau, let's take a look at the certificate below. It indicates a [...]

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VANQ: Partnership with University for joint development of led grow light

Cooperation agreement between Shenzhen VANQ Technology Co.,Ltd and South China Agricultural University To realize the agriculture technology utilization and led grow light product trials and R&D, 3 representatives from VANQ attended the joint development ceremony in South China Agricultural University and signed in the contract for the following cooperated aspects: technical guidance, base construction, and talent [...]

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