Greenhouse cultivation has become more and more popular and I think it will be better in the future. Can I plant any plants in the greenhouse? How to choose the right vegetable varieties in Greenhouse? No, when selecting and determining the varieties to be planted, everyone should also be scientific and reasonable, and maximize the benefits as much as possible. In general, producers should pay attention to the following aspects in the selection of vegetable varieties.

Greenhouse with vegetables img 1 - 5 Factors In Choosing Right Greenhouse Vegetable Varieties

1. Greenhouse vegetables should have high economic effects

The manpower and material resources invested in greenhouse cultivation are much higher than those in open field cultivation.

The cultivation of vegetables in greenhouses is for the benefit of most farmers.

Therefore, when deciding on the type of vegetable grown, you should first consider the amount of return on your investment (meaning: the accumulation of future earnings).

For example, some rare, rare and small-growing vegetables generally have high economic benefits, but they often do not have much consumer market; some conventional vegetables, as long as the selection of suitable varieties, determine a reasonable sowing (type: crop cultivation One of the measures) (cultivation) season, coupled with scientific management, can also achieve better benefits.

2. Greenhouse vegetables should have good resistance to low light

Although the greenhouse covering material has a certain light transmittance (generally better light transmission performance of the greenhouse film is more than 85%). However, such light transmission is affected by the type of the film, the use time, and the use environment.

Many of the covering materials are used for a period of time, and the light transmittance is greatly reduced.

And in the rainy weather in winter and spring, the light often fails to meet the crop growth needs.

Also, some growers use multiple layers of coverage, and the crops receive less light.

Therefore, considering the light, the varieties of vegetables suitable for cultivation in greenhouses should be relatively weak.

Otherwise, vegetables are easy to grow in low light, and the flowers are seriously damaged and the diseases are more.

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3. Greenhouse vegetables should have a strong resistance to moisture and disease

Due to the high temperature in the greenhouse, the evaporation of water is large, and the greenhouse film (thin and soft transparent sheet) has good airtightness, poor water permeability and permeability, and high humidity in the shed.

In particular, when the temperature is kept under low-temperature conditions, the humidity in the shed is relatively large, and the relative humidity of the air is generally above 90%.

Under such high humidity conditions, most vegetables are poorly grown, and the occurrence and spread of various diseases are also provided.

Therefore, the vegetable varieties cultivated in the greenhouse should be more resistant to moisture and have strong disease resistance.

4. Greenhouse vegetables should have a strong temperature adaptability

Strong temperature adaptability mainly reflected that the variety is not sensitive to low temperature and the large temperature difference between day and night. The variety is required to be tolerant to low temperature and can grow normally in winter and early spring. At the same time, the variety is required to have high-temperature resistance at high temperatures.

For example, during the first and second months, in sunny weather, the temperature in the greenhouse can be as low as 5 °C before sunrise in the morning. In the midday sun, the temperature in the greenhouse can quickly exceed 30 °C or even 40 °C.

Such large temperature changes require that vegetable varieties have strong temperature adaptability.

Greenhouse with vegetables img 3 - 5 Factors In Choosing Right Greenhouse Vegetable Varieties

5. Greenhouse Vegetables should cater to market requirements

The purpose of the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables is not only to produce vegetable products but also to make the products sell smoothly.

To achieve this goal, the types of cultivated vegetables must cater to the needs of consumers and the market, and the harvesting period of these types must also meet the needs of the market.

For example, some areas like to eat red peeled eggplant, while some areas like to eat omelets, some areas like to eat the skin of bamboo eggplant; some places to eat big red tomatoes, while some places Like pink tomato fruit.

This requires growers to fully grasp the consumption habits of the sales market, rationally select varieties, and cater to the needs of the market.

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