Dear Partner,

We feel grateful that we grow together in the led grow lighting and high power leds segment since 2009. We have made many friends in this industry and we will always be thankful to those who have supported our company.

Below is the happy comment from our client.


They are ending a full crop now

Hi Fred! They are ending a full crop now, my first impression is good.

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Date:20150305 / Country:Spain


The plants under your lights is THIN, STRONG, AND ROBUST

Hi Fred, with our lights – the plants are strong and equal, but with your lights(vanqled) – the plants are thin but longer. Our plant likes lamp very much,and is it possible to give more discount in next shipment, we are going to purchase more quantity by the 2017 year. Vriendelike groete / Kind regards

Date:20160405 / Country:South Africa


They are growing very well good. Working on two more grow containers

Thank you. Business is going great and we are growing lots of microgreens with your lights. They work wonderfully. Id say in about 3 months will have enough cash flow to build another grow room. Thanks for the update. I will contact you when I require more grow lights. Thanks


yes Fred they are growing very well good. Working on two more grow containers. I will keep you updated with progress and send more photos for you

2016.03. 07

Country: New Zealand


Your technicians were right, at nominal current/voltage spectrum is much clear.

Hello Fred,Many thanks for attention to our research. Your technicians were right, at nominal current/voltage spectrum is much clear.

At present everything is OK.I’ll be out of the office next four weeks. Vacations.With best wishes.

Date: 2015.05 / Country: Russia


VANQ chips last MUCH longer.  VANQ chips are TRUE LED products unlike other cheap imposters


I received my chips yesterday.  It takes one or two weeks to arrive in the mail from China to United States.

I have purchased the exact same VANQ chips several times before.  This is why I choose to buy from VANQ. Your chips are superior quality compared to any other full spectrum chips I have tested and used.

ALL other chips from OTHER suppliers have OVERHEATED regardless of my best attempts to cool them.

VANQ chips do cost extra money.  However VANQ chips are SUPERIOR.

They produce more usable light and with the proper heat sinks and cooling.

VANQ chips last MUCH longer.  VANQ chips are TRUE LED products unlike other cheap imposters.

Thank youfor your SUPERIOR product.

Date: 2016.10 / Country: USA


We are expecting to see a fruitful production with your lamp

Dear Fred,Thank you very much. Indeed I was travelling last week to check the trial site.

The production phase started 2 weeks ago but still early to evaluate the results. I will share you some photos when available.

Best regards

Date: 20170310

Dear Fred Li,Thank You for your email.Kindly note that today we are having a site visit and accordingly will provide you with updates by next week.

Thank You & Best Regards,

Date: 2017.05.12

Country: Lebanon

Dear Fred,

I hope you are doing great.

It is a pleasure to be working with you.

We are currently at the final stage, before finishing the report, regarding the tomato project in Hungary.

We will send it to you once it is ready , as it contains all the information you are asking for.

Best Regards,

Date: 2017.08.02

Country: Lebanon


Hello Fred,

We received from you samples of single unit of UV LEDs.They are already installed in prototypes we built with excellent working performance.

I would like to receive a datasheet for the LEDs in order to complete my product design and transfer to mass production.

Can you send me a datasheet ?

Best Regards,

Country: Israel

Date: 2017.08.06


The lights emission are good from the first tests, they are working very good.

Date : 2017.09.01

We are working to make our units with collagen, and the test were great, we adapt it in very short time the design.

We are happy and I want to start sales immediately.

But in the meantime we are working also to a different device made to have LEDs since beginning.

Country: Italy

Date : 2017.09.05