FAQs on Products and Service

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Don’t Hesitate to ask

You are most welcome to contact your sales representative CONTACT US page if you have further inquiries which is not included above, especially on VANQ products technical and pricing concern.

Q: What is the lumen output of your led grow light?

A: Lumens are a physical measure of the light seen by the HUMAN eye. Plants do not see the same light that humans see and therefore lumens are less relevant when it comes to plant lighting. Our LED Grow Lights produce light in the wavelengths that plants need most for photosynthesis and nutrient accumulation. Only a small percentage of the light produce by an HID light is absorbed by plants which means that 80% of the Lumens are wasted. It is the one of the difference between HID light and led grow light.

Q: How do LED grow lights work?

A: Basically, LED grow lights are unique in that they emitting light color that is within the spectrum that is correspondent to optimal plant absorption capabilities (red and blue). Since they are directional, they require no reflectors or ballasts like HID lighting. Additionally, all of the light that they emit is usable so they consume much less energy than the conventional artificial light such as HID, HPS etc.,.

Q: People say that LED growing lights save you money on your power bill. How much?

A: Studies show that the energy efficient LED grow lights typically provide 50%-90% saving over the HID lights when you factor in reduced cooling costs.

Q: Why we shall choose VANQ?

  • R&D Based Enterprise for Led Grow Light
  • Founded Since 2009 only Doing Led Grow Lighting
  • First Batch National Hi-Tech Enterprise in Led Grow Light Industry
  • The 1st Enterprise Who Sponsor Full Spectrum Technology with Mass Production
  • At Least 2 Years Lifespan Warranty, with Optional Renewal Service with 3 Years and Above
  • Client can Count on Us with Confidence from Retail Indoor Plant Growth to Large Scale of Commercialized Greenhouse
  • We Utilize Classy Quality Material for Excellent Working Performance Best Possible Crop Yield VS.Those Who Do Cost Reductions At the Sacrifice of Inferior Quality.

Q: Can we dim the light?

A: All products from VANQ Hi-Par Series is with internal driver in standard model, they support diming at the request of the client.

Q: Does the spectrum depends on the type of plant we grow?

A: Exactly, you will get from your sales representative a suitable lights proposal and spectrum for the optimal growth at the request of your plant growth.

Q: Can we change the spectrum after we buy it?

A: For the moment, the lights you are going to buy from us are with spectrum inside are manufactured for you and it is fixed, and you are welcome to refer to the page of CONTACT US and talk to your sales engineer when you have SPECTRUM programmable requirement.

Q: How many lights do we need for each square meter?

A: for clients’ need in indoor plant growth or greenhouse crops lighting requirement, we are able to do with DLI, PAR, lighting intensity calculation and estimation then make suitable lighting proposal and lights layout with your provided information such as: plant crops varieties, the growth coverage, and the desired output or harvest after the utilization of lights.

Q: Why are your lamps better?

A: We utilize the materials from the leading electrical components manufacturer: MEANWELL DRIVER, BridgeLux led chips original from USA, Epileds led chips original from Taiwan, China. We are the first manufacturer first invent full spectrum technology with mass production. We produce lights with real draw power. We have qualified research and engineer team, with practical lights solution rather than led grow light supply. As evidenced by many a project case link attached greenhouse tomatoes and indoor plant tissue culture.

Q: How and what can we proceed with the order, how about the delivery date can be assured?

A: The products are made from mail order, it takes 2-3 days for samples, and 10-15 days for bulk orders, with the customized design lamp as exception.

Q: What is the workable voltage and what kinds of accessories can we get with the lights?

A: VANQ lights are designed with wide voltage AC 85-265V, applicable to South America countries AC 110V and AC 220V/240V in Europe countries. We have innovative bracket/jump ring and waterproof daisy-chain cable for the Hi-Par led grow bar and stainless hanging wire for the Hi-Par led cob grow light with reflectors for the purpose of convenient and stable installation.

Q: What payment term and trade policy do you accept? How and what can we proceed with order

A: We accept TT(Telegraph Transfer), Paypal, Western Union and we are located in Shenzhen, China, have available trade policy of ExW, FOB, CIF. We produce the products upon the confirmation order with at least 30% advanced payment, and balance shall be collected with your kind cooperation before delivery or releasing the goods on the dispatch border.