Hydroponics has become a trend in modern agriculture, and more and more hydroponic farms are now being automated. From the perspective of soilless cultivation techniques in developed countries such as Japan and the Netherlands, their degree of automation has been very high.

Its production has been automated from multiple stages of sowing, seedling, and cultivation.

Hydroponic Growing Pipes with plants image - Fully Automated Production Of Hydroponic Vegetables

1.  Seeding

The seeding machine is used for precision seeding, and the seedlings after seeding are transported to the seedling growing area through the conveyor belt.

2. Transplant

When the leaf seedlings grow to a transplantable size in the growing area, the seedlings are transported to the transplanting operation area by a transfer device, and the seedlings are transplanted into the cultivation tank by an automatic transplanter.

3. Cultivation

After the completion of the transplantation, the cultivation tank is transported by the cultivation tank automatic conveyance vehicle to the leafy cultivation area for cultivation.

4. Irrigation

Timing irrigation during the cultivation process.

5. Harvest

When the leafy vegetables grow to the harvesting period, the leafy vegetables are transported to the receiving area for harvesting by using the cultivation tank automatic truck.

Throughout the production process, manual operations are required only during the harvesting phase, and others are automated, reducing the need for labor.

In the automated production, not only the above-mentioned automatic equipment such as planters and conveying devices but also serialized sensing systems and automatic control systems.

By using automation technology, we can meet the environmental needs of various plant growth and development to the greatest extent and exert greater production potential.

Below is a video about how the auto hydroponic factory works.

(Video from YouTube Viscon)

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