Cannabis cultivation degree

Since 2017, today’s US report that the University of Northern Michigan broke through the regulations and opened a four-year cannabis cultivation degree program. The degree program includes Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Horticulture, Marketing, and Finance. The first semester has enrolled 12 students and more students have chosen the degree each week.

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According to the World Wide Web, which quoted the British “Daily Mail” report, it is reported that universities such as Harvard University, University of Denver, Vanderbilt University and Ohio State University have already opened marijuana-related majors, but it is North Michigan as a degree program. The first of the universities. Alex Roach, a sophomore in the profession, said that everyone thinks the degree is cool, but in fact the course is very strict and challenging.

Cannabis medicinal legality

It is said that with the gradual legalization of medicinal plants throughout the United States, the cannabis, herbal extracts, and natural products industries have become potential markets. The marijuana industry not only requires a large number of well-equipped laboratories but also many trained analysts. In this respect, the undergraduate professional education can be perfectly adapted.

grow cannabis with LED grow lights in plant factory - Future Trends and Legitimacy of Cannabis Cultivation

In 2008, Michigan voted to legalize medical marijuana. One-fifth of the people in the United States now live in states where marijuana is legal, including California, which imposes $1 billion in annual marijuana taxes.

In addition to the United States, cannabis cultivation and sales operations in Canada has been legalized. The industry predicts that there will be more and more demand for professionals in cannabis production and management. The University of Niagara in Ontario is keeping pace with the times. The first one has established the “Commercial Cannabis Production” program. The one-year certificate course costs 10,000. A group of only 24 students will be enrolled, and the school will also provide internship opportunities for students.

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