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GLIC650 – 570W COB LED Grow Lights

  • The COB LED has a much higher photon density and uniformity comparing to ordinary SMD, and since the substrate is directly attached to the heat sink, heat dissipation is more efficient, therefore able to endure a longer lifetime.
  • Effective footprint is up to 3.5ft x 3.5ft (1.07m x 1.07m) at the hanging height of 36 inches(91.44cm), with an average PPFD up to about 461 μmol/m2/s.
  • Optimized wide-angle light distribution design is ideal for commercial cannabis growing at large-scale.
  • Max actual wattage is 570W, equivalent to an 800W HPS light.
  • 12pcs UV380nm LEDs which is dedicated to improving THC content at the flowering stage. Special light distribution design delivers an identical UV footprint of the 6pcs full spectrum COBs.
  • Active cooling with 1 fan per COB LED, fan’s lifetime up to 50,000 hours.
  • All key parts come from well-known international brands, including LED chips from BridgeLux and
  • Epileds, Meanwell drivers, Sunon fans, etc. Light’s lifetime is up to 50,000 hours.

VQ-GLIC650 Specifications

Light Source COB LED + UV LED
Power Consumption (max) 570W±5%
Input Voltage\Frequency AC85~265V/47~63Hz
Spectrum Full Spectrum (380-840nm)
Typical PPF 1026 μmol/s
Efficacy 1.8 μmol/J
Power Factor 220V≥0.95 | 110V≥0.98
Dimensions 22.31in L x 13.78in W x 3.26in D | 56.68cm L x 35cm W x 8.27cm D
Weight 10.5 kg | 23.15 lbs
Cooling Active cooling by fan, fan lifetime ≥ 50,000 hrs
Structure Material Aluminum cooling fins, Steel housing
Working Temperature -20°C ~ 40°C | -4°F ~ 104°F
Light Distribution 120°
Channel VEG, BLOOM
Recommended Mounting Height 24in(60.96cm) above canopy
PPFD at Recommended Mounting Height 591 μmol/m²/s
Recommended Footprint 3.5ft x 3.5ft (1.07m x 1.07m)
Lifetime ≥50,000 hrs
IP Rating IP44
Warranty 2 years standard


GLIC650 Appearance image 1
GLIC650 Appearance image 2



PPFD Footprint

GLIC650 PPFD Foorprint 24in
GLIC650 PPFD Foorprint 36in

*Please NOTE: These PPFD charts do NOT consider the overlapping illumination effect from adjacent lamps when the lights are installed next to each other in the order of a grid. The actual average PPFD could be certainly higher in such an installation way. Therefore, when this PPFD chart is used as a reference factor for the actual installation plan, it is necessary to consider the overlapping illumination effect of the adjacent lamps as below.

GLIC650 Footprint


We can see from the previous PPFD chart that at the hanging height of 36 inches, without considering the overlapping illumination from adjacent lights, the PPFD value at center point is only 284 μmol/m2/s, average only about 214 μmol/m2/s, and at cortex only about 100 μmol/m2/s.

But when the lights are installed next to each other in the order of a grid which is very common in commercial cannabis growing, every light’s footprint will be at least over lapped by the adjacent 8 lights. So when you put the overlapping illumination effect into consideration of the actual PPFD value within the 3.5ft x 3.5ft area, and thanks to the wide light distribution design, the central point PPFD will be up to about 613 μmol/m2/s, average PPFD up to about 461 μmol/m2/s, even the PPFD at the cortex up to 420 μmol/m2/s.

In the same way, the actual PPFD value at 24inch hanging height with overlapping illumination effect will be about 800 μmol/m2/s at the center point, average up to about 471 μmol/m2/s, and the PPFD at the cortex up to about 318 μmol/m2/s.

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