VANQ Plant Growth Lab

Introduction to Laboratory

sys jianjie - Growth Lab

VANQ Growth Laboratory was launched in 2011 with an experimental area of more than 200 square meters and is still being planned for expansion. The VANQ Growth Laboratory is mainly in many field, including the best spectroscopy of various plants research, artificial interference experiments, modern planting techniques, facility agriculture research, the plant nutrition research, hydroponic planting equipment, plant growth control systems, etc.
VANQ Growth Lab has been successful provided more than 800 different light-filling schemes for different plant and environment. With combine hydroponic system and LED lighting cases, we current has completed over 200 indoor planting project landing experiments. We have 120 large-scale planting customer cooperation projects, please let us show you some of the publicly available experimental reference cases:

Experimental varieties

sys yecai - Growth Lab
Leafy vegetables
sys guocai - Growth Lab
Fruit vegetable
sys yinsheng - Growth Lab
Shade-requiring plant
sys duorou - Growth Lab
Succulent plants
sys huahui - Growth Lab
sys caoping - Growth Lab
sys yaocai - Growth Lab
Medicinal materials
sys genjing - Growth Lab