Company Profile
Brand Culture
Growth process
Company advantage
Quality Assurance

Company Founded

Set up a research and development team, and set up a lead-packaged dust-free workshop, mainly LED special light source.


Focus on Plant Lights

The company's business expansion, set up the product department, and the establishment of LED plant growth lamp lighting production workshop.


Set Up A Laboratory

The company has established a variety of distributed plant growth laboratories to study the effects of various plant growth processes and light.


Product Systemization

Developed indoor hydroponics, temperature control and water circulation lamp planting systems. The first domestic product to launch a full spectrum of plants


Business Expansion

Launched a seven-band plant illumination spectrum. Become the best quality supplier for NVC and Delta. Cooperation with the China Agricultural Environmental Monitoring Institute.


Rapid Growth

According to business needs, expand production scale and increase production scale. Introduced a new waterproof plant tube.


R&D Technology Breakthrough

Introduce the spectral schemes required for the widespread growth of plants, widely used in various research institutions, plant factories, and modern agricultural plants.


Cooperation and Win-win

The company has won the national high-tech enterprise certificate and reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with domestic famous universities. The company explored the direction of plant cultivation and opened up the aquarium market to further accelerate the company's development.


Open up The Market and Keep up With The Times

Open up the market, keep pace with the times, invest in the R&D and application of the plant fill light technology and the Internet of Things control system, and make breakthrough progress, the related series of products will be launched soon.