LED grow lights has been launched on the market for several years, the first generation of LED lights does not have enough advantages to compete with hid in plant fill light. But now the latest designed of high-quality LED grow light is good enough to mention mh and hps fill light system. A high quality LED grow lights can make the plants grow faster and stronger. Here we give some suggestions about how to choose the high quality LED grow lights.

LED grow lights for fill light - High-quality LED Lights Make Plants Grow Faster And Stronger

1. Choose High Power LED Grow Lights

Planters should choose high-power LED products, the low-power LEDs are not enough to support the entire growth process of plants.

High power led should be higher than 1W. Vanqled Hi-par LED grow lights power is more than 3watt. High-power LEDs usually integrate a large piece of metal at the bottom for heat dissipation.

2. Choose Long Life Time LED Grow Lights

The lifespan of hps is usually 20,000 hours, and the actual use is generally 5,000 to 10,000 hours because the illumination of sodium lamps will decrease after long-term using.

The lifetime of high-quality LED products is generally between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, and the output illuminance of the manufacturer before the factory is set at 70%.

However, in a high-temperature environment, if the heat dissipation is not good, the life expectancy will drop drastically.

Therefore, the heat dissipation design of LED is very important, so it is necessary to evaluate the factors affecting the life of LED during the use process and choose a good LED product.

grow tent with led grow lights - High-quality LED Lights Make Plants Grow Faster And Stronger

3. LED Light Should Have Good Heat Dissipation

Just like the CPU of your computer needs fan cooling, LED also needs good heat dissipation.

A good LED fill light system should have a large heat sink, and the heat dissipation area is as large as possible. If a fan is the best, it can improve the life of the LED.

4.  Good DC Power Supply – Constant Current Output Circuit

The power supply of electronic circuits is an important consideration for the life of LEDs.

When evaluating, the led lamp and led circuit are like a metal halide electronic ballast, and the ac input power is converted into a DC power supply at the appropriate voltage and led current level.

Its most important job is to redeem a constant DC current and even control the change of led voltage with time and temperature.

The early failure of LED products is basically related to the design of the power supply.

A well-designed dc-powered led driver should have the same output current as of time and temperature change.

Do you know how to choose the high quality LED grow lights for plants fill light? If still not, you can contact us. We Vanqled.com provide high par LED grow lights. Please submit your needs, we will provide you with customized products.