Korean panax ginseng project

Korean panax ginseng project

Location: Korean

Size: greenhouse area: 1200m²

Implementation plan: 30W waterproof tube, shelf structure fill light

Why choose us?

LED light does not heat, can be used in all seasons, compared with traditional lamps, the effect is better, the application conditions are wider; VANQ has a professional LED plant growth laboratory, which has a special growth experimental spectral ratio for grass plants, etc. Research data support, product quality and fill light effect are guaranteed;

Korean panax ginseng project
Korean panax ginseng project

Why this lamp?

LED cold light source is more suitable for indoor shelf structure planting. The plant light source provided by VANQ has precise light formula, which is tailor-made for the project. It creates good lighting conditions for the growth of Korean ginseng. The illumination adjustment shortens the growth cycle and also makes the Korean ginseng have better nutrient accumulation and increase yield and quality.

Hi-PAR 020 Led Grow Light (T8 Integration)

T8 integrated lamp

Suitable for planting leafy vegetables, flowers,fruits, herbs, etc. in a closed planting environment.

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