When we buy LED lights, we can find that there are 2 types of products: LED beads lights and SMD LED lights. So what is the difference between them? Which type of product is better?

What is LED Beads

The LED bead is a light-emitting diode, which belongs to discharge light, uses a low-voltage power supply, is a safe power source, and is especially suitable for use in public places.

The LED beads always used on COB LED Lights, COB means chip on board.

For the current demand is low, between 0-15mA, the brightness of its illumination will become brighter according to the increase of current.

And the LED bead is suitable for a variable environment, and since the LED small piece is small, it can be manufactured into a device of various shapes.

The most important LED bead has a fast response time, is extremely environmentally friendly, and has no harmful metals such as mercury.

LED beads can be adapted according to the current and can be turned into red, orange, yellow, green and other multi-color light.

What is SMD LED?

The LED patch is also called SMD LED, which belongs to cold light, so the life is 50-100 times longer than ordinary tungsten light bulb.

For response time, the requirements are also very short, faster than the average electric light.

And the power consumption of the SMD LED is very low, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is relatively high, which can further save energy;

The most important SMD LEDs have high shock resistance, are very reliable, and have low operating costs.

In addition, the SMD LED is small in size, relatively thin, and light in weight, and has no shape limitation, and is particularly easy to manufacture into various applications in life.

LED beads vanqled - LED Beads VS SMD LED, Which Is Better?


Principle of illumination: LED beads are discharged by discharge, and SMD LED are used for cold illumination.

Shock resistance: The shock resistance of LED beads is not as good as that of SMD LED.

Light color: LED beads can emit red, orange, yellow, and green colors of multiple colors, while SMD LED does not have this capability.

Environmental protection function: LED beads do not have mercury as a harmful metal. In comparison, environmental protection SMD LED is not excellent enough.

Angle and distance of light: The angle of the LED beads can be made very small, the light is concentrated, and the shot is far, but the illumination range is limited. The general angle of the SMD LED is relatively large.

Power: Generally speaking, the LED beads power is large and the SMD LED power is small.

After reading this article, do you know the difference between LED beads and SMD LED?  Have any questions or need for LED lights, please feel free to contact us.