Nowadays, people are much more concentrated on their appearance so as to lure more public attention.

While it is an conventionally that everyone getting older day by day, the time rust their skin and appearance. So that they must do something.

Thus it is a trendy for them to use advanced technology and device to make themselves feeling with permanent good looking:

  • rosy cheek
  • red lips
  • supple knees Etc.,

To the questions as follow:

  • Wrinkle Skin?
  • Acne?
  • Lack of Vitality?
  • Looks older than age.


What this collagen tube can do:

  • Realize your Anti-aging dream
  • Powered Effienciency Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin with more elasticity
  • Skin with More oxygen as if the battery refulled again
  • Cell Regeneration With powered 633nm(PEAK WAVELENGTH)
  • Easy access to Spa Room, Sunbed and Salon, Solarium etc.,

Led Collagen Tube for Facial Beauty and Full Body HealthCare (Update: 20180322)


Latest Feedback on 20th October:

  • VANQ:
  • Glad to note you tested VANQ 630nm Led Tube Light with satisfying graph output.
    How many tubes did you test with for this result? Is the peak wavelength also agreeable for your application.
  • VANQ partner:
  • It was in the lower part of the bed, so with 21 tubes at about 15 cm
    of distance.Yes the peak is perfect.
  • VANQ partner:
  • For Power:
    I have two values: on LED with a portable instrument, we measure 155 mw/cm2. At 10/15 cm is about 7/8 mw/cm2


Feedback from client among the cosmetic industry

  • VERY EFFECTIVE – results easily noticeable after just a few sessions
  • HIGH DEMAND – people love the results so much that they keep coming back
  • SAFE – no harmful UV rays


Any individuals who want to use or do repost must indicate the original source from VANQ LED. We hold the final explanation for this case.

Led Collagen Tube for Facial Beauty and Full Body HealthCare (Update: 20180322)

FAQs on led collagen tube 633nm?

  • Q: 633 nm its mix red and blue?
  • A: 633nm is a peak wavelength.
  • Q: what is the difference of 633 nm with normal red led in market
  • A: 1W high power lumini design, and exact wavelength (633nm), the more exact the wavelength, the better for the tanning session.
  • Q: Can the led tube collagen 633nm used directly for solarium application?
  • A: and only one tube, as you know 2000mm 30W tube won’t work alone, they must be utilized in the specific solarium device, with desired power effiency can the anti-aging and rejuvenation process taken into effect.
  • Q: it means if we sleep under the tube, not have effect on skin?
  • A: yes, people sleep inside the tanning bed with 633nm led collagent tube covered.
    A: because it has excellent function of heat management on the the solarium device, so you will be concern free of heat on skin, neither of the UV radiation.
  • Q: how can we buy this solarium device with collagen tube?
    A: Please kindly contact VANQ sales directly.