LED grow lamps have the following advantages. Environmentally friendly, non-polluting traditional lamps contain a large amount of mercury vapor, which will volatilize into the atmosphere if it breaks the mercury vapor. However, LEDs do not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain lead, which protects the environment. LEDs are recognized as green lighting in the 21st century. Below is the comparison of LED grow lamps vs traditional lamps, with the comparison you can know why choose LED lamps, not traditional lamps.

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Advantages of Vanqled LED grow light

1. Efficient conversion, reducing heat

Traditional lamps produce a lot of heat, and LED lamps are all converted into light energy, which does not cause energy waste, and 90% is absorbed by plants.

2. Voltage adjustable 80V-265V

Conventional luminaires are illuminated by the high voltages released by the rectifier, but cannot be illuminated when the voltage is reduced.The LED grow lights have a specific wavelength which can affect the flowering time, quality and duration of the flowering of the plant.

Certain wavelengths of LED plant grow light can increase the number of flower buds and flowering of plants; certain wavelengths can reduce the flowering reaction, regulate the length of peduncle and flowering period, and facilitate the production and market of cut flowers.

We can regulate the flowering and subsequent growth of the plants through the LED lights. The LED bulb has a wide range of wavelengths, which coincides with the spectral range of plant photosynthetic and photomorphogenesis; the spectral wave width is half-width narrow, and pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum can be obtained as needed; the light of a specific wavelength can be concentrated to illuminate the crop evenly.

The flowering and fruiting of the crop can be adjusted, and the plant height and the nutrient composition of the plant can be controlled; the system has less heat and takes up less space, and can be used for the multi-layer cultivation stereoscopic combination system, realizing low heat load and miniaturization of the production space. LED luminaires can be illuminated within a certain voltage range and can also be adjusted for brightness.

DIY grow lamps - LED Grow Lamps VS Traditional Lamps

3. Energy saving and long life

LED power consumption is less than 1/3 of that of traditional lamps, and its lifespan is 10 times that of traditional lamps. It can be used for a long time without replacement, which reduces labor costs. It is more suitable for situations that are difficult to replace.

4. Rugged and durable, long-term use

The LED body itself is made of epoxy instead of conventional glass, which is more sturdy. Even if it hits the floor, the LED will not be easily damaged and can be used safely.

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