As we all know, indoor farming lack sunlight, so the plants’ growth needs the supplement light. The most common fill light nowadays is the LED grow light. Do you know that LED growth lights can promote plant growth, shortens the growth cycle, and makes the taste better?

Vegetables with LED grow lights - LED Growth Lights Promote Plant Growth And Shorten Growth Cycle

The effect of LED growth lights on plants

Under the illumination of red and blue LED lights, the color of the vegetables becomes fuller, the water is more, and the nutritional value is higher.

  • The specific wavelength of LED lights can affect the flowering time, quality and duration of the flowering of the plant.
  • Certain wavelengths of LED lights can increase the number of flower buds and flowering of plants;
  • Certain wavelengths of LED lights can reduce the flowering reaction, regulate the length of peduncle and flowering period, and facilitate the production and market of cut flowers.

It can be seen that the flowering and subsequent growth of the plants can be regulated by LED regulation. In the absence of daylight, led lamps can act as daylight, allowing plants to grow normally or better.

Lettuce planting case

A new type of LED plant growth light is being used in the experiment.

The study found that lettuce initially took 52 to 60 days to grow, but matured in just 20 days after using LED plant growth lamps.

It is the most economical method to perform supplemental illumination using the peak wavelength of photosynthesis.

Lettuce with LED lights

Li Lizhi said that during the growth and development of vegetables, only the red orange light and blue-violet light emitted by the sun are absorbed.

When lettuce is grown, it will not grow too high. At this time, the blue light is brighter than the red light.

Conversely, in the later stages of lettuce growth, when the lettuce leaves grow, more red light and less blue light are needed.

LED grow lights installation

According to Li Lizhi, it is also a science to install LED lights in which position.

Top light, side light and bottom light

Sidelights are suitable for some vegetables that need plane growth, simulated cucumbers, etc.

Some vegetables, such as eggplant and lettuce, grow on the right side of the top light, while the bottom light needs to be filled with long vegetables, which is longer than the growth in front of the top light.

Tomatoes have an advantage in nutrient transport, while the bottom light is suitable for the growth of vegetables such as eggplant and lettuce, and the bottom light is suitable for the growth of vegetables.

Plants also grow better, and tomatoes can naturally grow downwards under the influence of the bottom light.

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