IR LED 1 - Led Source
  • Type: High Power LED Plant Growth LED
  • Power Watt Availability: 1W-500W
  • Spectrum/Wavelength: Full Spectrum/Red/Blue etc.
  • Notice: Customized spectrum and Power Consumption is acceptable
UV LED 4 - Led Source
  • Type: Ultroviolet LED
  • Power Watt Availability: 1W-500W
  • Wavelength: 365nm/380nm/400nm
  • Notice: Application ink curing, counterfeit detection etc.
UV LED 2 - Led Source
  • Type: Infared LEDs
  • Power Watt Availability: 1W-500W
  • Wavelength: 730nm/850nm/940nm
  • Notice: Application of plant flowering, electrical device signal receiver and sender etc.
LED Aquarium Chip200 500W - Led Source
  • Type: Multi-Channel LED Aquarium Chip
  • Power Watt Availability: 20W-150W
  • Spectrum/Wavelength: Red/Blue/White/UV/IR etc.
  • Notice: Support at maximum 5 Channels

It is vital to choose a reliable supplier for LED GROW LIGHT

  • Are you suffering from obviously light decay in less than 2000 hours or LEDs failure in short term of light working period misled by the current overburdened with 5W-10W driver which should have maintain their own current value as 1W or 3W.
  • The Reality is: most 3-5W LED lights are just using over-driven by 1W chips, which leads to substandard performance and a risk of LED failure and short lifespan, especially with low cost of LED base, silica gel, out-of-date connecting wire.
  • We are not offend the other suppliers, who cut corners and use inferior materials, exaggerate their quality with less cost regardless of whether it is good or bad for LED light product working performance and further business cooperation.

VANQ, Aims to Be Your Trustworthy High Power LEDs Encapsulation&Package Supplier

We are the first Sponsor for Full Spectrum LEDs Technology with Mass Production, with Multi-Choice for LED Chips from WHITE, UV, IR, IR, RED, BLUE and also RGBW LEDs, they are widely used in Commercial Lighting, Curing Lighting, CCTV Camera Detection, Medical and Cosmetic Photon Therapy and also Aquarium LED Lighting Respectively.

The Reason You Shall Choose and Count on VANQ

  • We Do LED Encapsulation Production Since 2009 with Our Own Technology and Device.
  • Transparent Production Flow from Chips Solid to Spectral Test and Packaging.
  • Support Lighting Sphere test on the purchased LEDs, Dirt-free in encapsulation workshop.
  • Strong Customized Design Capability on the clients’ sample or spectrum graph.
  • Low Rate of Light Decay less than 30% in the working 25000 hours of 25000, Typically usage up to 50000 hours.

Years Warranty Guaranteed and Excellent After-Sale Service

We Dare to Sure you Years Warranty At Least 3 Years with Classy Raw Material Rather Than Using Less Cost Light with Full of Concern in working performance. We Don’t and Will Never Get Rid of Responsibility in case of Product Complaint. Low Rate of Complaint and Complaint Free from the Clients We Have Cooperated With. Those Client who purchase from us usually speak highly of VANQ products and quality.