More and more agricultural companies are now joining the ranks of modern agricultural production. One of the more mature technologies is the hydroponic growing plant factory. But do you know what is the plant factory? Here we VanqLED collected some information you should know about the plant factory and LED grow lights.

LED grow lights in plant factory - What You Should Know About Plant Factory and LED Grow Lights

What is Plant Factory?

Plant factory is an efficient agricultural production system through high-precision environmental control in the facility for continuous crop production every year. It is a labor-saving production in which temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration that automatically controls plant growth using a computer and Nutrient fluids make the growth of plants in the facility unaffected or rarely restricted by natural conditions.

After the birth of the plant factory, plant growth lights came into being. What is the effect of LED grow lights? LED grow lights mainly plays a role in complementing sunlight and regulating agricultural products.

Knowledge of LED grow lights

  1. The effects of different wavelengths of light on plant photosynthesis are different. The wavelength of light required for plant photosynthesis is about 400-700 nm. 400-500 nm (blue) and 610-720 nm (red) contribute the most to photosynthesis.
  2. The LED plant growth lamp is a combination of these two colors of light.
  3. Blue light promotes the growth of green leaves; red light is conducive to flowering and fruiting, prolonging the flowering period!
  4. When plant light is used to supplement the plants, the height of the leaves is about 0.5 meters. The continuous irradiation for 12 hours and 16 hours per day can completely replace the sunlight.
vegetables in plant factory - What You Should Know About Plant Factory and LED Grow Lights

The role of LED growth lights

  1. Reduce cultivation costs and extend the flowering period
  2. Promote early maturity and yield increase of plants, improve the quality of fruits and vegetables, ensure the taste of greenhouse vegetables, and achieve anti-seasonal cultivation.
  3. Inhibit pest and disease reproduction, reduce the number of pesticides, green pollution-free

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