Project Description


Case one

After start growing, it usually takes at least 3 months until harvest for most strains.

I’ve got 2 6×6 tents, not much heat and I can lower and raise according to need,that’s VANQ HI-PAR300 LED watts. VANQ HI-PAR 300W is positively for my growing. Some with UV etc even help chase away the evil mites.

After harvest, cannabis buds takes around a week to dry. After being cured for 2-4 weeks, buds will feel stronger and be less likely to cause headaches or anxiety.

dm content case img - Cannabis Grow Case With Led Grow Light
dm content case img2 - Cannabis Grow Case With Led Grow Light

Case two

I grow my cannabis in the grow tent, the project is compare under HPS light and VANQ led grow light.

Growing under the HPS light ,vegged under 900W HPS, now showing flower for 2 weeks.

One week later the plant was moved under the VANQ HI-PAR 300w led, this picture were taken 20 days after te move. It’s good replacement for the 900w HPS, creates less heat. Make my plant harvest .

Case three

Grow cannabis with VANQ led chip.

I buy VANQ 7 band COB led chip 100w from VANQ, and create my lamp with the driver, cooling system for cannabis, do my research project,search for led promote rate for cannabis.I create 200w lamp and 300w lamp.

dm content case img 1 - Cannabis Grow Case With Led Grow Light