GLMX480 is a DIY version of GLMX720. At full power of 480W, GLMX480 can deliver a PPF up to 1290 μmol/s, with an efficacy of 2.7 μmol/J. GLMX480 is developed for professional growers which wish to utilize commercial-grade LED grow lights for home growing. GLMX480 is also tailor-made with the same full spectrum of GLMX720 PRO which is intended for the entire life cycle of your plants.

Less Power & More Growth


This fine-tuned full spectrum with a balanced spectral ratio of each color has been proved to speed the growth cycle and produce greater flower dry weight with more terpenes and a higher concentration of secondary metabolites such as THC, CBD.

Superior Heat Dissipation

Ideal for 4ft x 4ft Grow Tent

GLMX 480 lighting kit is designed to be used in a 4ft x 4ft grow tent. Each GLMX480 kit consists of four GLMX120 light bars and two 240W LED driver, and all accessories for hanging installation. The whole GLMX480 kit is IP65 waterproof.


  • Specifications
  • Light Source: SMD LEDs
  • Power Consumption (max): 480W±5%
  • Typical PPF: 1290 μmol/s
  • PPE: 2.7 μmol/J
  • Weight: 10 kg | 22 lbs
  • Light Distribution: 120°
  • Lifetime: L90 ≥50,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 5 years standard

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