GLIC650D – 650W Spectrum-programmable COB LED Grow Light

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GLIC650D is a full power 650W COB LED grow light designed for commercial and research plant cultivation. With the iGrow wireless lighting control system, growers can independently control each of the 4 channels of spectrum within the GLIC 650D fixture at a scale of 0-100%, including red, blue, infrared, and UV+white, to give the growers a comprehensive control over plant characteristics through spectral variation. Growers can also use the system to control not only spectrum but also photoperiod calendar, enabling the GLIC650D fixture to automatically run on a predesigned lighting program, easily and with little setup required. iGrow Controller needs to be purchased separately.


Current lead time is projected to be 10 days from the time payment is received. For bulk orders over 100 units, please contact us at


We recommend mounting or hanging the GLIC650D fixtures 24″-30″ above the top of your canopy during VEG stage, and about 18″-24″ above the top of your canopy during BLOOM stage.

The recommended canopy size of one fixture is 4′ x 4′. And please take into consideration the overlapping effect of adjacent lights when you use more than one light at close range.

Please note: when mounting GLIC650D fixtures, a 2 inch gap or greater must be present between the top of the fixture and the surface it is mounted under to enable adequate airflow. Proper airflow will increase the maximum suitable operating temperature and help extend the lifetime of the light.

Installation Hardware: L type Mounting Brackets, Hanging cables with snap hook, Adjustable Suspension Kit.


Fixture Dimensions: 22.28” L x 13.78” W x 3.43” H (56.6 cm L x 35 cm W x 8.7 cm H)

Fixture Weight: 23.15 lbs (10.5 kg)


Packing Box Size: 26.77″ L x 18.9” W x 6.69” H(68cm L x 48cm W x 17cm H)

Box Gross Weight: 27.56 lbs (12.5 kg)


Standard GLIC650D fixtures ship with autosensing 85-265V Meanwell power supplies. To order 347V, 400V or 480V models, please contact us at for pricing and lead times.

AC Cord Length: standard model is 5 ft(1.5m), if you need other lengths, please contact us directly at

Plug Type: US, EU, UK, AU, or Pigtails.


All GLIC Series are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for three years. Free Replacement and Free Repairing Parts.

For detailed warranty policy, please visit:

Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 68 × 48 × 17 cm


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