480W DIY LED Grow Light

GLMX480 is a DIY version of GLMX720.It is designed for commercial growers utilizing vertical farming methods

Samsung LM301B

Original Top Bin White

Osram 660nm

Most Efficient Deep Red

Sosen Driver

UL listed Ensure Safety

IP65 Waterproof

Suitable for all environments

Aero Aluminum

Superior heat dissipation

Reflective Bar

Private Optical Design

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480W LED Grow Light

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 Features for GLMX480


SAMSUNG WHITE LEDs Diodes efficiency up to 3.0 umol/J

Cool LED with a continuous spectral emission across PAR400- 700nm wavelength range with a high blue ratio whichis close to daylight of Spring.

It is essential for balancingthe full light spectrum for the whole growth cyele of plants.


OSRAM RED LEDs Diodes efficiency up to 3.6 umol/J

Red is the primary light spectrum used for pho-tosynthetic. 

Red light promotes the increase in leaf area and is neces-sary during the flowering stage of plants.


SOSEN quality Driver efficiency up to 93%

SOSEN Driver is famous brand in worldwide, it is UL listed,IP67 Waterproof, 5 years warranty time.

It can make theLEDs work more efficient and provide longer usina life.

Features of GLMX480 Greenhouse LED Grow Lights


Superior Heat Dissipation

One GLMX 480 LED grow light fixture consists of 4 LED bars with a combined heat sink surface area of 4593144 mm²/7199 in². The heat sink is made of AL6063 aluminum alloy with a thermal conductivity of 201-218 W/(mK). Thanks to this superior thermal performance, the average surface temperature of the GLMX480 LED grow light fixture is well controlled below 50℃/122℉. LED grow light running at relatively cooler temperature can significantly prolong its work life time and maintain the high efficacy output much longer.


Full Spectrum for VEG & BLOOM

GLMX series full spectrum LED grow lights use some of the best horticulture LED diodes on the market from the top suppliers. In order to enhance the power output of of the area plants need the most, we have used much more Red and Blue high power LED diodes than most competitors on the market. At the same time, the overall spectrum balanced with all colors mixed make sure the plants receive all the wavelength to grow faster and stronger, as well as yield much more flower. FSCV with high power in blue is intended to grow plants in a more compact way which is essential for vertical farming with limited vertical space, while FSCH with fewer blue and enhanced power in red and infrared is ideal for growing plants in a traditional indoor single-level grow room with more vertical space for plants to grow bigger and yield more flowers.


IP65 Waterproof

The whole light fixture including the inside part of the driver box are all connected with high quality waterproof aviation connector, please refer to the real product presentation video below for details. The waterproof capability enable the whole fixture to be used in high humidity environment.

0-10V Dimmable

More about dimming controller


With VQ-VD100 0-10V dimming controller, up to 50 units of GLMX240 can be controlled together in a daisy chain connection.

PPFD Distribution

- based on GLMX480




Light Source: SMD LEDs
Power Consumption (max): 480W±5%
Typical PPF: 1290 μmol/s
PPE: 2.7μmol/J
Weight: 10 kg | 22 lbs
Light Distribution: 120°
Lifetime: L90 ≥50,000 hrs
Warranty: 5 years standard

Packing List


Packing Details


Packing Carton Model:

1 Unit/Carton

Carton Size:

1200mm L X 250mm W X 200mm H

47.24″ L X 9.8″ W X 7.87″ H

Gross Weight:


Production lead time



Lead Time(days)

71525To be negotiated

Customer Reviews

Wow can't get over how bright this is and only at 40% right now, let you know more when I open her up all the way. Best value for your buck and I looked at a lot of lights before buying this one. It's hard to find bar lights over 400 watts for a 3x3 and I wanted something to fill it out with light and I got just that!
Michael White
This light is a good price, and it is working well for me. It feels really solidly built and it stays surprisingly cool. I am excited to see how it handles my tomatoes and peppers.
Tiffany Hopkins
Everything was in package as described. Nice light ! Can't wait to see the results. If you are reading this I recommend getting it ASAP.
Stacy conley

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