GLTW050 50W Waterproof LED Grow Light Bar

GLTW050 is the ideal LED grow light for professional growers using vertical farming growing methods. The patented unique rectangular lighting footprint is dedicated to improving the uniform spectral output and delivering a more even PPFD distribution within the footprint. The GLTW050 fixture is equipped with a standard 3500K white full spectrum for leafy greens cultivation. At the full power of 50W, it can deliver a PPF of up to 150μmol/s with high efficacy up to 3.0μmol/J.

Rectangular Lighting Footprint with 95% Light Utilization

The unique optical design of GLTW050 delivers an approximately rectangular lighting footprint of about 2ft(0.6m) x 4ft(1.2m) in which the light utilization is up to 95% at hanging height of 12in(30cm).

Fine-tuned Spectrum for Leafy Greens

With a broad full spectrum of 3500K warm white, this FSV spectrum focuses on vegetative growth phases and propagation. The recipe delivers shorter, compact plants with a good biomass ratio – the high energy in the blue 450nm bandwidth also promotes stomata opening. All together a good balance between both photon levels guarantees a good mix between vegetative growth and biomass production.

Custom spectrum is also available according to specific plant species.

High PPF and High Efficacy

By using the top quality LEDs, GLTW050 can deliver an overall PPF up to 150 μmol/s with efficacy up to 3.0 μmol/J.

PPFD of Different Combinations


  • Light Source: SMD LEDs
  • Power Consumption (max): 50W±5%
  • Typical PPF: 150 μmol/s
  • PPE: 3.0 μmol/J
  • Weight: 3 kg |2.87 lbs
  • Light Distribution: 80°
  • Lifetime: L90 ≥50,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 3 years standard

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