650W COB LED Grow Light - GLIC650D

GLIC650D 650W Wireless Control
Spectrum-Programmable Smart COB LED Grow Light

GLIC650D is a full power 650W COB LED grow light designed for commercial and research plant cultivation. With the iGrow wireless lighting control system, growers can independently control each of the 4 channels of spectrum within the GLIC 650D fixture at a scale of 0-100%, including red, blue, infrared, and UV+white, to give the growers a comprehensive control over plant characteristics through spectral variation. Growers can also use the system to control not only spectrum but also photoperiod calendar, enabling the GLIC650D fixture to automatically run on a predesigned lighting program, easily and with little setup required.

650W COB LED Grow Light Spectrum - GLIC650D

4 Channels Spectral Control

The GLIC650D light source consists of 6pcs 100W COBs and 27pcs high power LEDs which make up a total power of 650W. The spectrum is made of 4 independent channels as below:

  • Channel 1: UV380nm + White 6500K
  • Channel 2: Blue
  • Channel 3: Red
  • Channel 4: Infrared

Optimal Spectral Ratios for Every Growth Stage

GLIC650D is the ideal cannabis grow light for professional growers. With this spectral control, cannabis growers can control the spectral output to achieve a desired response of every growth stage of the plants, for example:

  • Improving cuttings rooting with high Blue-Red ratio.
  • Dial to a balanced Blue-Red ratio to avoid undesired stretching, to elicit a compact vegetative growth.
  • Enhancing the buds formation and phytochemicals accumulation by dialing to a relatively low Blue-Red ratio at the flowering stage.
  • Stimulating the terpenes accumulation by using the heavy blue light treatment in the late flowering stage.
650W COB LED Grow Light Spectrum 4 channels - GLIC650D
650W COB LED Grow Light Automatic- GLIC650D

Automatic Operation With A Lighting Program

The controller also enables grower to program up to 23 times of hourly spectrum transitions within a Day Schedule, as well as to program a Growing Program including up to 139 times of Day Schedule transitions within a whole growth cycle up to 140 consecutive days.

For example, in the cannabis cultivation, to avoid shocking the plant by suddenly shifting the vegetative photoperiod of 18/6 to flowering photoperiod of 12/12, grower can set a Preflower Lighting Program of 7 days as follows:

(Suppose the vegetative stage photoperiod is 6am to 24pm)

  • Day 1: Run the pre-flower spectrum within 7am to 24pm.
  • Day 2: Run the pre-flower spectrum within 7am to 23pm.
  • Day 3: Run the pre-flower spectrum within 8am to 23pm.
  • Day 4: Run the pre-flower spectrum within 8am to 22pm.
  • Day 5: Run the pre-flower spectrum within 9am to 22pm.
  • Day 6: Run the pre-flower spectrum within 9am to 22pm.
  • Day 7: Run the pre-flower spectrum within 10am to 22pm.

Wireless Network

Each controller can control up to 100pcs GLIC650D fixtures within a range of 100m(330ft) through the robust wireless communication network.

650W COB LED Grow Light wireless control - GLIC650D
GLIC650 video banner
650W COB LED Grow Light Design - GLIC650D


  • Light Source: COB LED + High Power LEDs
  • Power Consumption (max): 650W±5%
  • Typical PPF: 1400μmol/s
  • PPE: 2.15μmol/J
  • Weight: 10.5 kg | 23.15 lbs
  • Light Distribution: 120°
  • Lifetime: ≥50,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 3 years standard

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