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20W/10W T8 LED GROW LIGHT TUBE - GLT8020/010

GLT8020/010 – T8 LED grow Light is the ideal replacement of traditional fluorescent grow light tube for horticulture applications, such as tissue culture, propagation, etc. Not only can LED save up to 40% energy cost, but also bring more spectral customization choices for the different light recipe requirement of different plant species.

T8 LED grow Tube


GLT8020/010 T8 LED grow light bars have two power options of 20W-4ft(1.2m) and 10W-2ft(0.6m) and two connector options.

  • Integral model is ideal for newly-built growing facilities which can save the hassle of ballast.
  • Traditional bi-pin model is designed to replace with old fluorescent T8 light fixture in the most economical way without the change of the structure.


This 14000K cool white spectrum is generally suitable for propagation of various crops, such as orchids, cannabis.

The blue component is significantly important for clone rooting, and the overall composition delivers a relatively stronger and more compact rather than long and thin stem.

Please also do remember that different species may have a various preference in terms of light recipe, please always consult with our specialist for the best solution for your crops.

T8 LED grow tube spectrum


At hanging height of 9 inches(23cm) and fixture spacing of 6inches (15cm), the average PPFD is about 80 umol/m2/s, this is suitable for conventional propagation applications.


At hanging height of 9 inches(23cm) and fixture spacing of 4inches (10cm), the average PPFD is about 120 umol/m2/s, this is suitable for leafy vegetables, such as micro-greens, lettuce, etc.

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VQ-GLT8020 Specifications

  • Light Source: 20 pcs 1W High Power Leds
  • Power Consumption (max): 20W±5%
  • Typical PPF: 36 μmol/s
  • Weight: 420 g | 14.82 lbs
  • Housing Material: AL6063 aluminum
  • Lifetime: ≥50,000 hrs
  • Warranty: 2 years standard

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