Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light

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Hi-PAR 050F 50W Led Grow Supplemental Light

Brand Name: VANQ Hi-PAR

Material: Al 6063

Type: Led Grow Light with COB Reflector

Usage: For Fruit/Vegetables Supplementary Lighting Indoor


  • With Constant Current Driver, enable light with Safer and Solid Working Performance
  • Accept Tailor-made for Light Length and Color Spectrum, wavelengths
  • Capable of providing reasonable lights proposal and layout on your growth project

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Introduction of Leds for Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light

Hi PAR 600 Led Grow Light source 300x300 - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • Full spectrum light source: Covers all spectrum from 380-840nm, ensure the effective absorption of plants
  • 90° illumination angle lens: more concentrated light and more uniform illumination
  • Wide Lighting Coverage
  • High Dense of Reflector and Lens
  • Desirable Natural Lighting Replacement: Full Spectrum
  • 1.24mil dual golden wire with purity: 99.9999%
  • Intematix Phosphor Originally from USA
  • Shinetsu Slica Glue Originally from Japan

Introduction of Details for Hi-PAR 50W

Hi PAR 050F Led Grow Light 02 - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light
Hi PAR 050F Led Grow Light 01 - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • High Voltage: AC 85-265V design, applicable to most of the countries in the world
  • With Electricity Plug: AU, EU, USA, UK and Etc., Plug-and-Play Model
  • Flexible Hanging Wire Meet the Growth Phase of Different Plants
  • Solid Bracket Enable Safer Installation
  • Passive Heat Management Fanless

Advantages of Hi-PAR 50W

Hi PAR 030F Led Grow Light 01 - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • Actual Power Output 30W
  • Good Replacement for approximately 2-3 times power of HPS, Less in Electricity Bill Investment
  • Constant Current Driver
  • Aviation Aluminum Material
  • IP65 for Housing Cover, Waterproof Resistant

Spectral Display

Spectrum - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • VANQ phosphor full spectrum technology
  • red 630 660nm spectrum is vital for flowering
  • blue 450nm promote veg growth
  • UV increase resin reproduction
  • 660+730nm and above up to 840nm has an Emerson Effect on plant to increase photosynthesis rate
  • Most powerful LED light possible + correct spectrum + correct distribution best light available
  • EVENLY COLOR RATIO from 380nm-840nm
LOGOEN - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light

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Program - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light


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Research and development - Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light

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2 reviews for Hi-PAR 050F Led Grow Supplemental Light

  1. Samantha

    I am very happy with 50W COB LED Grow Light. The construction is flawless! The mounting hardware allows it to be installed on any surface or it can be hung with the stainless steel hangars that are included.

    The powerful LED chip shines brightly through a wide angle lens that covers quite a sizable area making it very useful for any canopy. The intensity and resulting penetration to the lower leaves from this light is impressive.

    One feature I like is that it is completely waterproof both in the frame itself as well as the wiring. The light produces almost no heat at all so no need for cooling fans. I am very pleased with the light and I highly recommend it for any level of grower. I will be buying more!

  2. Joshua

    This is a 5 star product if you’re aware of its shortcomings. The instructions say planting medium and seeds included, they’re not. The plant light does not turn off automatically. The biggest irritation I had was it didn’t have an ac connector only USB but I found an old charge cord that fit for you need power for it to work. What the fan is for I don’t know. It’s a very nice small lamp, check dimensions.

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