Hi-PAR 075I Led Grow Light

Hi-PAR 075I 75W Led Grow Light

Brand Name: VANQ Hi-PAR

Material: Al 6063 + PC Cover

Type: LED Linear Grow Bar Waterproof

Usage: for high wire crops tomatoes/cucumber/strawberry supplementary lighting.


  • Made of aluminum alloy6063,built-in constant current power driver,featured with high brightness,low power consumption etc
  • Wide AC85-265V voltage,easy to use in any country
  • LED life is up to 50,000hours
  • Excellent heat dissipation with aluminum alloy housing to ensure normal usage life
  • Suitable for plant growth,flowering and fruiting.The client can adopt different color ratio according to the plant species.

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Introduction of Leds for Hi-PAR 75W led grow light

Introduction of Leds - Hi-PAR 075I Led Grow Light
  • Dual Golden 1.24mil 99.99999% Gold Purity
  • Intematix Phosphor originally from USA
  • ShinEtsu Silica Gel Originally from Japan
  • Flagship Spectrum in Led Grow Light Industry: Broad Sunlight Full spectrum 400-840nm
  • Accept customized Color Ratio and Spectrum/Wavelength
  • Beam Angle availability: 90 °and 120°
  • Power Watt availability: 0.5W and 1W

Introduction of Details for Hi-PAR 75W

HI PAR 075I Led Grow Lights06 - Hi-PAR 075I Led Grow Light
HI PAR 075I Led Grow Lights05 - Hi-PAR 075I Led Grow Light
  • High Voltage: AC 85-265V design, applicable to most of the countries in the world
  • With Electricity Plug: AU, EU, USA, UK and Etc., Plug-and-Play Model
  • Lighting Effect with Even Color Distribution
  • Plentiful of Spectrum and Color Wavelength Available

Advantages of Hi-PAR 75W

HI PAR 075I Led Grow Lights01 - Hi-PAR 075I Led Grow Light
  • Plug-and-Play System reduces Installation Costs
  • Daisy-chain up to 25 units with just one Power Plug, Significant cost down on material needed, installation procedure, time-efficiency
  • IP65 Design for Lamp Housing and Connectors, fit for growth environment with High Humidity
  • Waterproof IP65 Connectors
  • Leds design with BridgeLux from USA, 1.24mil 99.99999% Dual Golden Wire
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum Material for the Lamp Housing
  • Constant Current Driver

Spectral Display

Spectral Display - Hi-PAR 075I Led Grow Light
  • Scientific Spectrum on Red and Blue for Crop Optimum Supplementary Lighting
  • High Power Efficiency Output
  • High Dense Beam Angle 90 degree
LOGOEN - Hi-PAR 075I Led Grow Light

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