Hi-PAR 150F Led Grow Supplemental Light

Hi-PAR 150F 150W Led Grow Supplemental Light

Brand Name: VANQ Hi-PAR

Material: Al 6063

Type: Led Grow Light with COB Reflector

Usage: For Fruit/Vegetables Supplementary Lighting Indoor


  • Aith constant current driver, enable light with safer and solid working performance.
  • Accept tailor-made for light length and color spectrum, wavelengths.
  • Capable of providing reasonable lights proposal and layout on your growth project.

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Introduction of Leds for Hi-PAR 150W

Hi PAR 600 Led Grow Light source - Hi-PAR 150F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • Full spectrum light source: Covers all spectrum from 380-840nm, ensure the effective absorption of plants
  • 90° illumination angle lens: more concentrated light and more uniform illumination
  • Wide Lighting Coverage
  • High Dense of Reflector and Lens
  • Desirable Natural Lighting Replacement: Full Spectrum
  • 1.24mil dual golden wire with purity: 99.9999%
  • Intematix Phosphor Originally from USA
  • Shinetsu Slica Glue Originally from Japan

Introduction of Details for Hi-PAR 150W

Hi PAR 150F Led Grow Light - Hi-PAR 150F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • High Voltage: AC 85-265V design, applicable to most of the countries in the world
  • With Electricity Plug: AU, EU, USA, UK and Etc., Plug-and-Play Model
  • Flexible Hanging Wire Meet the Growth Phase of Different Plants
  • Solid Bracket Enable Safer Installation
  • Passive Heat Management Fanless

Advantages of Hi-PAR 150W

Hi PAR 150F Led Grow Light - Hi-PAR 150F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • Actual Power Output 150W
  • Good Replacement for approximately 2-3 times power of HPS, Less in Electricity Bill Investment
  • Constant Current Driver
  • Aviation Aluminum Material
  • IP65 for Housing Cover, Waterproof Resistant

Spectral Display

Spectrum - Hi-PAR 150F Led Grow Supplemental Light
  • VANQ phosphor full spectrum technology
  • Red 630 660nm spectrum is vital for flowering
  • Blue 450nm promote veg growth
  • UV increase resin reproduction
  • 660+730nm and above up to 840nm has an Emerson Effect on plant to increase photosynthesis rate
  • Most powerful LED light possible + correct spectrum + correct distribution best light available
  • Evenly color  ratio from 380nm-840nm
  • Bestpar value similar to natural sunlight
  • Fully absorbed: For plant seedling/vegetative/germination etc
LOGOEN - Hi-PAR 150F Led Grow Supplemental Light

Specialize in the production of LED grow light,
we serve everything you need.

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Years experience of indoor plant growth lighting solution provider

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Research and development

R&D based led grow light manufacturer since 2009

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OEM/ODM service


  1. Genesis

    This light is amazing. I just got it today and hooked it right up. The light has great quality and the light is very bright. It’s also lightweight and it has fans. The light works. I will be ordering more. This is my first led light that I have used. This is a great product. The brightness is 5 stars and the quickness of shipping. I’m very happy with this light! The light produce little to no heat. I never used LED before so this will be my first. I have had heat issues with other lights. They shipped this LED light to me very fast and discreetly packaged. This light is brand new no scratches no dings. I highly recommend this and the other lights they have.

  2. Andrew

    This is a great light for its size, have it on the “VEG” side, works pretty good considering this is geared more for the “flower” side. If this had a 6500K COB instead of the 3000k it would be better for the vegetative side I think! The bigger one would do much better for flowering, you would be able to keep it closer to the plant. this small one is good up to 20″ plant MAX, its foot print is to small you have to raise it way up to cover the whole plant then the PAR drops off too much. The UV and IR are a BIG plus, dropped a star because it does not have any white 6500k leds. needs a little more Blue or different COB chip. Been on 18 hours a day for 2 months all the leds still going strong. Would recommend VANQ strong PAR for good price! VANQ’s Thin flat panel light for 28$ looks more geared for VEG might try that one next, it has 6500k white added and more Blue!

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