Hi-PAR 300 Led Grow Light

Hi-PAR 300W Led Grow Light

Brand Name: VANQ Hi-PAR

Material: Al 6063

Type: LED GROW LIGHT with COB Reflector

Usage: for Indoor Medicinal Plant/Rice/Flower Supplemetary Lighting


  • With Real Power Output: 288W, can replace HPS at equivalent power as 600-800W approx.
  • It is designed with Active heat management, good fan controlling system, far less concern on lamp heat and electricity fee cost.
  • It is designed with dense beam angle(90 degree and 120 degree) with high lux and umol/m2/s(PPFD) rate for fruit production.

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Introduction of Leds for Hi-PAR 300W

Hi PAR 600 Led Grow Light source - Hi-PAR 300 Led Grow Light
  • Full spectrum light source: covers all spectrum from 380-850nm, ensure the effective absorption of plants
  • 90° illumination angle lens: more concentrated light and more uniform illumination
  • Wide lighting coverage
  • High dense of reflector and lens
  • Desirable natural lighting replacement: full spectrum
  • 1.24mil dual golden wire with purity: 99.9999%
  • Intematix phosphor originally from usa
  • Shinetsu slica glue originally from japan

Introduction of Details for Hi-PAR 300W

Hi PAR 300 Led Grow Light 02 1 - Hi-PAR 300 Led Grow Light
  • High voltage: AC 85-265V design, applicable to most of the countries in the world
  • With electricity plug: AU, EU, USA, UK and etc., plug-and-play model
Hi PAR 300 Led Grow Light 05 - Hi-PAR 300 Led Grow Light
  • Flexible hanging wire meet the growth phase of different plants
  • Solid bracket enable safer installation
  • Lateral intake-to-exhaust cooling system excellent hat management

Advantages of Hi-PAR 300W

Hi PAR 300 Led Grow Light 06 - Hi-PAR 300 Led Grow Light
  • Actual power output 300W
  • Good replacement for approximately 800W of HPS, less in electricity bill investment
  • Name brand sunon fans from Taiwan, China: low noise and strong air flow function for better heat management
  • MeanWell driver from Taiwan, China: IP67, efficient power supply, excellent working performance guaranteed
  • Elegant design with metal on baked lacquer

Spectral Display

Spectrum - Hi-PAR 300 Led Grow Light
  • VANQ phosphor full spectrum technology
  • Red 630 660nm spectrum is vital for flowering
  • Blue 450nm promote veg growth
  • UV increase resin reproduction
  • 660+730nm and above up to 840nm has an Emerson Effect on plant to increase photosynthesis rate
  • Most powerful LED light possible + correct spectrum + correct distribution best light available
  • Evenly color  ratio from 380nm-840nm
  • Bestpar value similar to natural sunlight
  • Fully absorbed: For plant seedling/vegetative/germination etc
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