LED Aquarium Chip – RGBW 10-500W

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Product Name: RGBW 10-500W

Brand Name: VANQ

Material: Cooper, Gold etc.,

Type: Rectangle High Power COB Leds

Usage:  for landscaping lighting, aquarium lighting, marine lighting et.,


  • Made of Aluminum good heat management cooper holder/base
  • Gold Thread are Original Konarka with size 1.24mil and high gold purity 99.9999%
  • Low light decay rate less than 30% in working hours of 25000, with typically usage lifetime up to 30000 hours
  • Support Dual channel, 3 channels, and up to 5 channels of aquarium leds with emitting color ranging from UV, IR, GREEN, BLUE, RED etc., accept customized wavelength/color ratio design

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Power ConsumptionEmitting ColorWavelength/Color TemperatureCurrent(MA)Voltage(V)
30WRed/Blue/Deep Blue/Royal Blue/Green/White2500-14000K:440nm:470nm:520nm:660nm105030-36
50WRed/Blue/Deep Blue/Royal Blue/Green/White2500-14000K:440nm:470nm:520nm:660nm150020-34
100WRed/Blue/Deep Blue/Royal Blue/Green/White2500-14000K:440nm:470nm:520nm:660nm300020-34

Led Aquarium Leds Overview

  • Led Chip are Genuine, Originally utilized Epileds and AOT from Taiwan, China
  • Gold Thread are Original Konarka with size 1.24mil and high gold purity 99.9999%
  • We use Red Cooper material for led base/holder, with innovated heat management and excellent lighting performance
  • Accurate Far Red, Infared Wavelength 730nm/840nm/940nm, wide applicable to CCTV camera detection, Signal Receiver and Sender plant flowering etc.,
  • Power Range Availability: 30W-100W
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2 reviews for LED Aquarium Chip – RGBW 10-500W

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Works just fine! I’ve get to use it in its intended application, but I’ve ran it on a heatsink at about 22w (750ma) for 6 hours, and it never quit!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love using these multi chip LED’s. Pair it with the correct driver and you are set. Install it on a heat sink and you have a VERY bright light. I use this on my reef tank and the corals are growing better than ever before. Unfortunately a row of the blue LEDs burned out immediately after turning them on (which seems to be pretty common on these) but there are so many LEDs in this chip you don’t really notice unless you use a welders mask to look directly at the chip. I emailed he sender and after a few emails of describing my install they are ending me a replacement. I will buy from them again and I recommend this product if you want a very very bright light output for you reef tank.

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