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Custom COB LED Chip Solutions For Various Special Industries

Since VANQ start to produce COB LED chips in 2009, we specialize in providing custom COB LED chips to those customer who cannot find any off-the-shelf LED solutions in the market to match their requirements, such as skin therapy lighting, aquarium lighting, NDT(Non-destructive testing) UV lighting, and horticulture lighting for our own use, etc.

With above 10 years experience in LED industry and our state-of-art encapsulation factory, we are dedicated to providing with customer with the exact LED solutions tailored for their specific requirements.

VANQ COB LED chip brand

Brand Chips & Silver-plated Red Copper Substrate

We use only Brand chips such as US BRIDGELUX, Taiwan EPILEDS which ensure the lighting quality of high brightness, long lasting stability and reliability.

The COB substrate is made of red copper with excellent thermal conductivity to make sure that the heat of the LED chips can be conducted to the radiator and to reduce the temperature of the chip junction, which is the key to extend the life time of the chips.

In order to prevent copper oxidation, the substrate is also plated with silver.

Bond Wire of 99.9999% Pure Gold on COB LED Chips

Bond Wire of 99.9999% Pure Gold

In order to ensure a longer life time of the COB LED chips, high tensile strengths and low resistivity is a must for bond wire, All of our COB chips are encapsulated with 1.2mil diameter 99.9999% pure gold wire. Large diameter gold wire reduces long-term chances of dead light because of bond wire fracture and improves the heat transfer.

Top-quality Phosphors, Silica gel,and Silver colloid for COB LED Chips

Top-quality Phosphors, Silica gel, and Silver colloid

All these 3 parts which are significant for spectrum configuration and integral endurance quality of COBs are carefully chosen from international top chemical suppliers, including US-Intematix, Japan-ShinEtsu, and Japan-KYOCERA.

COB LED Chip produce lines

Dust-free Encapsulation

Dust particles can contain moisture (water/oil), organic material (carbon), various minerals, and/or chemicals.

All of those things mentioned can greatly affect the reliability and life span of LED chips if it is overexposed.

VANQ’s LED encapsulation plant has strictly followed the FS 209E and ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards to minimize any quality risk from production process.



Aquarium lighting always required muti-band spectrum which requires state-of-art workmanship in terms of spectrum tuning.

We are able to customize precisely the required spectrum according to the customer’s lighting design requirements to seamlessly match the customer’s dimming control system, which is ideal for the aquarium lighting needs of various aquariums and fish farms.


Since LED light therapy doesn’t cause burns compared to other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy, it is relatively safe for all skin colors and types.

VANQ has been providing some of the most prominent medical devices manufacturers in Skin Therapy industry, and has collected a comprehensive spectrum data base for skin therapy lighting solutions.



Due to the special lighting requirements of the NDT industry, the NDT industry is still relatively backward in adopting LED technology.

But by now, LED manufacturing technology has made great progress, and high-intensity LED UV-A lamps are now the best alternative.

With our profound cooperation with world-wide NDT lighting products providers for years, we have got a deep understanding of how to customize the right UV chips for various NDT lights requirement, in term of peak wavelength, emission spectrum, working distance, illumination area, etc.


Please feel free check with us to see if we can provide the LED solutions you need.


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