There are many reasons for succulent sunburn in open-air and semi-open-air, including the residual moisture in the leaves becomes a concentrating mirror, burned by the sun; whether the succulents are sprayed, whether the position is moved lead to the light intensity increases and the local Temperature changes.

growing succulent - 3 Reasons Why Your Succulents Sunburn

Reasons Why Your Succulent is Not Good Enough

Glass block UV

Many people say that the reason why indoor succulents are not well-fed is that glass blocks a lot of ultraviolet light. How much UV light is blocked by the glass is controversial because the types of glass are not the same, and the wavelength of ultraviolet light is not the same. Ultraviolet rays are classified into UVA, UVB, and UVC) with wavelengths ranging from 400 to 315 nm, 315 to 280 nm, and 280 to 190 nm, respectively.

After the summer succulent planting of succulents, rushing to increase the light, there is sunburn, this is easy for everyone to understand, but also understand that just cannot be exposed to the sun in the fall, sunburn is a small matter, sun exposure is possible.

The exact amount of blocking is not necessarily an accurate value, but at least it can be known that UVA is basically not absorbed, and UVB absorbs most of it.

UVB is generally considered to be a synthesis of chlorophyll, carotenoids, and anti-uv pigments (these pigments are mainly phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, flavonols, anthocyanins, and enephian compounds such as carotenoids, resins, etc.) ) is influential, and the increase in blade thickness is also one of the positive effects against UVB. Therefore, grow succulent through glass is really an effect on the beauty of succulents.

In addition to the absorption of most of the UVB by the glass, the reason why the succulent plants are not directly bred through the glass may be that your lighting time is not enough, because most of the flower buds of the succulents across the window glass, lighting time I am afraid there is no one or two hours.

And those who have glass greenhouses, bay windows, and the length of the light are close to the rooftops and balconies. It is difficult for you to see that they complain that the succulent is not good. In fact, their succulent state may not be as good as it is, but it is the easiest to raise. Ok, because the environment is stable, you don’t have to worry about long-term rain and so on. The succulents have a more stable environment, grow, accumulate, and become beautiful.

Succulent glass flower room

The succulent plants are not well maintained by the glass, except that the glass blocks a part of the ultraviolet rays (UVB), and because the light length of the glass is not enough.

In addition, it may be that the glass used is different. Different types of glass block UV rays. There are also glasses that do not block UV rays, such as quartz glass, borax glass, plexiglass, etc. Among them, quartz glass has the highest UV transmittance. Almost completely unblocked. There are also completely blocked UV rays. For example, the design of double glazing.

High temperature causes succulent sunburn

Why do succulents only grow for two or three days, and more fleshy water, black, and different colors?

In addition to the succulent plants that have just been bought, it is necessary to slow down the succulents. The succulents that were originally planted indoors should be moved out in high-temperature weather, and attention should be paid to slow down the seedlings. It is not possible to have the full sun at once, because the plants are more delicate and full of sunshine. Light sunburn, and the suntan, water, and color.

Succulents are hi-light plants, but slow seedling period, as long as it is not long, as long as it does not fade, it is really less light, the better, once the temperature is 30 ° C, the air is bright and no direct light is the succulent plant The foundation.

The potting soil is too humid, the light is too strong, and the temperature is too high, it will easily cause some succulents of the sedum to fall off the leaves, especially the water retention of the garden soil and sand is too strong and airtight. ventilation.

In general, the temperature in the area of ​​30 °C in the near future should pay more attention to succulents. Some of the poor growth, such as the long-term dryness of the leaves, the excessive consumption of the leaves, and the signs of falling leaves, can be properly covered. Yin, prepared for the summer.

growing succulent 2 - 3 Reasons Why Your Succulents Sunburn

If you are planting succulents outdoors, please pay more attention to it, otherwise, you will not get anything. If you are planting succulents indoors, please ensure the duration and intensity of the light. Of course, if you can use the plant growing lights, it’s good. provide LED grow lights online for more than 10 years, we also provide product customization services, please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.