Shade-requiring planting experiment


Research for effect of artificial light planting on indoor shade plants

Planting equipment:

Product Type: Linear Grow Light
Model: T8 tube full spectrum

Research result:

It can be seen from the figure that the Adiantum capillus-veneris L., Chlorophytum comosum, and black rose bamboo stalks grow compactly, the leaves are dark green, shiny, and the roots are developed. The black rose bamboo’s color is darker and brighter. Three new leaves of plants increased significantly. It has good viewing style.


The No. 5 spectrum is recommended to hang 42 cm high, and the plant receives PPFD 50-60, or the height of the plant leaves is 30 cm, which can greatly promote the healthy growth of indoor shade plants. The plant shape is not long and can achieve the expected results.

Specific experimental case